Manuj Aggarwal Delivers Gripping Keynote On Future Of AI At Miami Dade College

Business stakeholders and scholars at the Miami Dade College gathered on June 23, 2022, for a brief and important discussion on the future of Artificial Intelligence. 

Organized under the theme: “The Evolution of Life, Business, and Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”, the brief academic session was chaired by Manny Perez, Dean of Engineering, Technology and Design, and Antonio Delgado Fornaguerathe Vice President of Innovation and Technology Partnerships at Miami Dade College.

With four patents in AI and machine learning to his name, Manuj Aggarwal, founder of TetraNoodle Technologies, was invited to share his opinion and knowledge on the subject matter. 

After a series of thought-provoking analysis on the evolution of life through the advent of technology, Manuj noted that “life in the following years will almost become alien to today’s observer, similar to how we viewed life in the 1940s and 1950s”.

He went further to support the outlook of Andrew Ng, emphasizing that just as electricity transformed almost everything some 100 years ago, no industry will escape from AI revolution in the coming years.

The seasoned engineer, and now entrepreneur, did not fail to highlight the importance of data, and the battle over who controls the market share. 

AI as a Consequence of the Abundance of Data

“There are currently over 44 zettabytes of data in the entire digital universe” – (PWC)

As data volumes grow, countries and businesses are now competing on how to make use of this enormous amount of data. The US has almost twice as many data centers as the UK, Germany, and China combined, according to Cloudscene.

AI is, therefore, a consequence of the different problems caused by growing volumes of data as we are now faced with unique problems in the new era of digital innovation among which include: 

  • Data management
  • Pattern management
  • Context management
  • Decision management
  • Action management
  • Goal management and 
  • Risk management

After explaining the type of jobs that would be taken over by AI, such as drivers and taxi service providers, agriculture workers, print media, tax accountants, as well as cashiers, booksellers and publishers, and the advent of disruptive technologies, Manuj gave some hope in the following briefing:

“Despite how scary AI and automation technologies are seeming to make things look darker for future jobs, the dichotomy is black and white. There’s a fundamental difference between eliminating some jobs from the labor market (to be replaced by other jobs), and eliminating humans in general from the labor market (to be replaced by machines).”

In essence, more jobs will be created, Manuj believes. We just have to upskill and be more creative.  For instance:

  • Experts predict robots will take over only those jobs that are repetitive.
  • AI systems cannot replace the human gifts of creativity, innovation, or empathy.
  • In healthcare, AI would (to a greater extent) be best utilized for enhanced decision-making rather than personnel replacement. 

This event was organized by the Miami Dade College department of Applied AI in line with the series of activities as the venerable institution plans to create the next generation of curricula on cutting-edge technologies like AI, cybersecurity, and blockchain – just to name a few.

Manuj was listed as a member of the Artificial intelligence Advisory committee alongside world-class professors and fellow AI experts to advise the design and the development of the college’s new degree program project. 

Miami Dade College is one of the oldest colleges, and the second-largest post-secondary institution, in the United States with a mission to provide students with unmatched opportunities and access to in-demand and exciting careers in engineering and technology.

The issue of the modern curriculum and performance learning that meets the needs of incumbent job market demands and entrepreneurship is a severe challenge that most development-oriented universities around the world are looking to resolve. 

Manuj Aggarwal is the founder of Tetranoodle Technologies and an expert in business innovation, AI, and big data. He has delivered more than 50 enterprise solutions and has scaled systems globally to millions of users for Fortune 500 companies. 

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