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Personal branding services for professionals, and small business owners


Personal branding for professionals and small business owners

More customers are now searching for you online. They don’t bother calling you, messaging, or visiting your office, they just Google you and read your reviews. If a negative review pops up, it could cost you, clients.

Establishing yourself as a credible thought leader is a critical part of any professional service provider’s marketing strategy. Your online reputation is your most important asset – it is important to protect it.

If you want to increase your revenue, improve your productivity and remain profitable in these turbulent times – then it’s time to take control of your brand and reputation.

Our proprietary technology is based on human psychology and powerful AI algorithms. We help you establish credibility and authority easily and quickly. Our solutions will take care of all the hustle, matching you to the most relevant opportunities, so that you can do what gets your juices flowing.

How we help?



Unless you’re one of the few known local brands, chances are customers have never heard about you. How do you get people to notice your small business and brand? We help you find your audience in local markets. Get more customers in your store, your restaurant, your office, everywhere you want to work.



Despite knowing what your customers want, if they don’t know you care, they may go to your competitor who does. This is where being human and focusing on relationships comes in. We help you show your customers you care about them, their needs, and their wants. It’s true that leads to more revenue for you!



People need to trust you before they can buy from you. We help you understand how people make decisions and how to influence their expectations and perceptions. By using our solutions based on psychology and AI you can shortcut the process needed to become an expert opinion leader that people trust.

Standing out as a thought leader, and an authority

Potential clients are inundated with sales pitches and all sorts of marketing materials.

In a market with a lot of noise, it’s hard for small businesses to get the right message across to the right audience. They are overwhelmed with having to make themselves findable.

You want your customers to know that you’re an expert and can be trusted.

But branding is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

If you want real authority in your market, you need to build trust.

If you want to attract and keep customers over time, you need to stand out from the crowd with thought leadership that helps them understand the landscape they operate in. That is what we do.


“Every now and then you meet someone who really cares and they are making a difference – that company is TetraNoodle.”

Steve Sims

Real life Wizard of Oz


“TetraNoodle really is genuine and cares about what they are putting out there. Their intentions are noble.”

Terence Lewis

Award-­winning Bollywood choreographer


“If only my clients had consulted with TetraNoodle before they spent all that wasted time, energy, and money on their development.”

Amir Nasr

Founder, Assertive & Co.

Why choose us?

We help businesses rapidly increase their visibility, leads, and conversions with a unique combination of AI and psychology


Human-First AI

We help share your voice in the crowded marketing space by providing Human-First AI solutions backed by a deep understanding of your brand identity.


Easy & Fast

Save time and money with our efficient branding solutions for small business. We help you grow by getting clarity about your purpose. Telling your authentic story. We make it quick, simple and easy for to look good, and stand out.


Elegant & Effective

Small businesses don’t want to feel slimy or salesy. They want to project a natural, relaxed, and fun personality when marketing their goods and services. We design a unique and effective branding strategy based on personality, goals, and audience.



Every small business has a different story to tell, and yet most branding "experts" take a cookie-cutter approach. You need to be treated as an individual, not a statistic. We approach every project with an understanding that it’s YOUR story you want to tell, not one we have dreamed up for you.

We have made a global impact

25+ years

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10 million

Lives impacted

$500 million

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Savvy business owners understand that being invisible is worse than being ignored