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Intellectual property management for mature enteprises


Intellectual property management for mature enterprises

Large companies have large departments developing their new ideas. Often those ideas are protected by patents. Other times they could be copyrighted work. This is a whole departmental function within these large enterprises and involves numerous interactions between the development department and the legal department – time-consuming time and expensive too.

Intellectual property management for large enterprises can be arduous and add extra costs to any project or business you’re operating.

Our expertise and experience enable you to effectively register, protect, manage, track, share and monetize your IP assets across the enterprise. We will help you increase your return on investment in product development as well as provide efficient discovery procedures for potential IP conflicts and infringement cases.

How we help?



Managing and renewing licenses for IP assets globally requires deep analysis and research. It needs in-depth knowledge of the law, technology, market conditions, and more. We provide you with a single source of truth for all other IP assets across the globe.



Protecting your ideas is a serious business. We believe in the transformative power of cross-discipline thinking and creativity. We have the know-how to protect your intellectual property and transform value ideas into real commercial opportunities.



Intellectual property is hard to protect and easy to get sued for. This means knowing exactly what IP you own and need to protect. We will comprehensively identify gaps and assess needs to offer innovative risk-management solutions specifically adapted to your unique business.

Intellectual property protection for mature enterprises

A good IP strategy is essential to the success of any enterprise. Corporations that do little to ensure the protection of their IP assets can face serious legal repercussions, including lawsuits, losses, and other exorbitant legal fees.

Too much IP, however, leaves you open to legal action aimed at protecting your competitors. Not enough and you’re leaving yourself wide open to being undercut by unscrupulous businesses who gain an advantage from your lack of defensive action. In either case, it’s frustrating and ultimately costly.

You can rely on us for consistent and cost-effective IP protection that’s right for your business.

For more valuable assets – we can monitor and protect your intellectual property by leveraging blockchain technology to assure data immutability and exclusivity.


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Why choose us?

We protect businesses from intellectual property theft, fraud, and exploitation by always staying a step ahead of plagiarism, copyright infringement, and employee theft.



Based on decades of experience we make intellectual property management and protection easy, so you can focus your time and resources on running the business. We protect you anywhere, anytime.



We combine a mix of technical expertise with broad knowledge of business and law, so you can rest assured that any IP issues are resolved thoroughly, correctly, and legally.


Deep Expertise

We are a group of experts with expertise in multiple fields like technology, marketing, sales, operations, finance. Our diverse backgrounds and skill-sets allow us to identify problems and solve them quickly. With our simple, lean approach you can see results quicker.


Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of 25+ years of working with companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500, and everything in between. We are trusted by hundreds of the world's most prestigious brands.

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