How We Accelerate the Success of Startups by 50%

helping startups accelerate by 50%

Over the past few years, we have worked with various startups and businesses to help them build robust software solutions, and manufacturer designs, empowering manpower and technological advancements through AI and Big Data. 

One such success story includes a startup that was working on Digital healthcare transformation. 

The company was keen on building medical devices and technologies that could help its patients recover quickly and healthcare providers could manage a large volume of patients in an organized way. 

Though the company had the design blueprints, it lacked the manpower to manufacture and implement the design. 

How Did We Help the Startup to Accelerate Its Growth?

The startup reached out to us for assisting them in effectively building a team that could implement the design into the real-world model. 

Building a team with sound knowledge is a time-consuming process and may require a lot of screening. So, the first thing that Manuj did was to find a team that was skilled and had a diverse background. 

We reached out to its existing networks to find professionals who had worked in digital healthcare and transformation in the past. Plus, we also looked for individuals that had hands-on experience working for startups and implementing designs. 

Within a few months, my team helped this digital healthcare startup capture the opportunities that were needed at the right time. The right targeting along with adjusting to the target audience’s requirements was one of the major factors to count in. 

In addition to this, we helped them figure out what team members did they need in the organization and which ones had to be prioritized.

As they hired new employees, TetraNoodle equipped them with new skills and helped set up the process that was robust and could be turned into reality. 

Manuj at Tetranoodle has helped various failing startups in boosting their growth to almost 50% in less than a year. It has helped various industries like Healthcare, Retail & eCommerce, Fintech, Education, and various others in developing custom software solutions and building a team of professionals with extensive knowledge. 

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