How to Scale Your Ecommerce Revenue in 90 Days

how to scale and grow your eCommerce business in 90 days

Ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing spheres that makes selling and buying an easy 

process. Over 2.14 billion people are involved in buying and purchasing goods and services around the world up from 1.6 billion in 2016. 

Thus, the growing opportunity in the eCommerce industry is certainly going to pace up the competition. In this competitive space, scaling your eCommerce business faces various roadblocks and restrictions. 

Thus, the more a business scales, the chances for storing brand identity and higher conversion increases. Imagine your business like a building. 

Just like any building needs a strong base, your business also needs a strong foundation. Besides a foundation, you need some tools and labor to keep it going. 

That’s exactly what an eCommerce business might need from you!

In this guide, we have shared with you the best actionable tips to scale your eCommerce business in merely 90 days. 

Note: While we do not guarantee or promise your expected growth in 90 days, our mindful strategies will certainly be useful in scaling the business if implemented the right way. 

Build a Strong eCommerce Foundation 

As we said earlier, a strong foundation is a must to successfully scale your eCommerce business. All you need is to check for the right infrastructure, and resources and iterate to generate maximum profit. 

Here are the areas to focus on before building a strong foundation: 

  • Know Your Customer: Everything starts with knowing your customers. When you have a user persona in mind, you will be able to find the right content and the right platform to target. Most importantly, each social media platform has different uses and it is crucial to understand how these platforms are going to serve your audience. 
  • Optimize your site for SEO: There is no success without SEO. Paid advertising is not a viable long-term strategy for earning traffic and leads. Thus, a well-devised SEO strategy along with CRO guarantees higher conversions and qualified leads. 
  • Build a Sales funnel: A sales funnel in an eCommerce business is highly coveted. It segments your existing customers into new ones and helps you create custom content for different user types. Thus, a sales funnel is divided into three stages; Awareness, Interest, and Decision. 

Create an Inbound Marketing Campaign 

Inbound marketing is a strong strategic approach for creating content that aligns with your target audience and their needs. Inbound marketing focuses on providing solutions for your problems. 

Thus, inbound marketing when done in tandem with other sets of activities will give you scalable results. 

A successful eCommerce inbound marketing strategy includes: 

  • Creating content that your audience is looking for. Show your products and services feature as a necessity. 
  • By highlighting your product features, convert your target audience into potential customers. 
  • Make sure to analyze your sales and marketing metrics throughout the marketing campaign. 

Invest in Automation technologies 

Once your business grows, you might need a helping hand. A lot of daily tasks or some tasks that are beyond your control might just take away a lot of your time and resources. 

That’s when an automation tool and technology can come into play. Automation will help you cut costs and save time on manpower that you hire for your daily manual tasks. 

For instance, a 24/7 customer chatbot service helps you automate the chat and reduce the response time boosting customer satisfaction. Similarly, a web push notification will help you retarget abandoned carts, suggest content to specific users, send upsell offers, and more. 

Outsourced Fulfilled orders 

Just like you can automate the manual tasks or outsource them, why not outsource picking, packing, and shipping your products? 

Thus, hiring a fulfillment service that saves your inventory cost as well as the cost of shipping will be a big plus. Nowadays, there are various fulfillment services that you can use to scale up exponentially. 

Similarly, you might need help with choosing the right content, optimizing your site for SEO, or tailoring the shipping experience. Outsourcing solutions will save you a lot of time on these business operations. 

Create Stellar Customer Support 

Stellar customer support is one of the cornerstones of a successful eCommerce business. Word-of-mouth contributes significantly to your eCommerce business reputation. 

Thus, a major customer retention strategy involves creating a super responsive customer support team. ZenDesk reports that 87% of customers tell about good experiences whereas 95% tell about bad experiences.

Customers expect a quick response to their queries. Furthermore, they want to be in touch with a representative that is knowledgeable about their issue. That said, a chatbot can help you with a quick response, but does it provide the right type of support? 

Well, most AI chatbots do. 

It is also important to get a knowledgeable team of experts on board and resolve any issue to avoid negative customer reviews. Besides the website, the business should be responsive on social media channels, email as well as phone support. 

Create a Customer Retention Strategy 

Customer retention is equally important as customer acquisition. In fact, customer retention costs 5 times less than the customer acquisition process.

Obviously, providing exceptional customer service is one way to retain your customers for a long period of time. But, you need more plans and strategies for customer retention: 

  • Create a Customer Loyalty Program  

Customer loyalty programs are the rewards that you give your customer for being loyal to them. As they purchase more products or services, they earn valuable points.

Then, the customers can leverage these valuable points to purchase products and get discounts. Similarly, a welcome promo code or a discount can be a great way to boost customer sign-ups. 

For example, Sephora has a Beauty Insider program that is an amazing reward program that lets customers earn rewards for each purchase based on a traditional point system.  Using these points and discounts, customers can purchase more products at low prices. 

  • Send Targeted Emails 

Email marketing strategy is one of the best traditional marketing strategies that businesses have actively leveraged. It can remind people of abandoned carts and spread the word about new product launches and discounts. 

Besides this, it is also important to send how-tos, tutorials, and visual guides to your customers to show them the content they like and catch their attention. 

Leverage Social Proof and User reviews

54.7 percent of consumers read at least four reviews before buying a product. Thus, a positive review is one of the key factors in selling your products effectively. A high-rated product is more likely to gain attention and boost sales. 

Further, a higher positive star rating also helps in SEO. 

Collecting and presenting product reviews on product pages may boost your eCommerce business significantly. It provides the final push customers require to make a purchasing choice.

Notice how Amazon uses customer reviews for each of its products. Users can sort them by relevancy or highest to lowest rating. 

Summing Up

Scaling and growing your eCommerce business may have some slight differences. While scaling focuses on revenue, growing your business means increasing staff, resources, and tools. 

With the use of these strategies and the right eCommerce solutions like outsourcing services, you can scale your eCommerce business in 90 days. 

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