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Scaling businesses of all sizes using psychology and AI


About Us

TetraNoodle is a premium boutique management consulting company that provides streamlined strategies and implementation processes for startups, mid to large-scale corporations.

For 25 years, we have offered objective, high-impact strategic advice, and analytical services at all stages of product development and marketing lifecycle.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach – delivering maximum traction, productivity & sustainability to our clients.

We improve business performance by increasing sales, saving costs, streamlining operations, developing strategic plans, facilitate culture change, and positioning you to grow faster.

We are a unique blend of strategists, creative minds, technologists, and behavioral experts. The best part about our company is that we think out of the box and solve problems from scratch, which gives us a massive edge over others.

We use the power of data in combination with insight, creativity, and unwavering commitment to achieving your goals.

Our Solutions


Strategic advisory

We help you cut down operational costs by 10% without necessarily affecting your workflow and company culture.


Hiring and training

We find the top talent, train them according to your business specifications, and create a culture of success for you.


Marketing and sales

We identify your top marketing and sales leakages and implement lead generation strategies that will increase sales by at least 8-10%. 


Digital transformation

We quickly identify and resolve your top technology and business processes risks. We use a rare approach (AI and Human Psychology). 


Due diligence

We use our experience in technology, business development, global financial markets, and analytics to examine and compare your company’s numbers, benchmarking them to guide your business strategy. 


IP protection

We reduce your risk of being sued for copyright or trademark infringement by establishing clearly defined policies and procedures for the protection, creation, and enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights.

Our Expertise

Artificial Iintelligence

Cloud Computing


Risk Management


Sales and Automation


“Every now and then you meet someone who really cares and they are making a difference – that company is TetraNoodle.”

Steve Sims

Real life Wizard of Oz


“TetraNoodle really is genuine and cares about what they are putting out there. Their intentions are noble.”

Terence Lewis

Award-­winning Bollywood choreographer


“If only my clients had consulted with TetraNoodle before they spent all that wasted time, energy, and money on their development.”

Amir Nasr

Founder, Assertive & Co.

We have made a global impact

25+ years

Hands-on experience

10 million

Lives impacted

$500 million

Value generated

What Makes Us Different?

We do it right at first attempt. With our decades of experience in business, we have learned execute fast and right, with precision on time and quality in respect to our  client’s demand. 

We built solutions with deep focus on human behaviour. Their reactions, individual perceptions and limitations are incorporated into the design thinking and development process of our solutions. 

We are holistic in approach and use multidisciplinary tactics in solving our clients’ problems thanks to our 25 years of doing business with multiple industries. 

Who Do We Serve


Senior Executives