Course Materials: Azure Machine Learning: Machine learning In The Cloud With Azure Machine Learning


COURSE MATERIALS: Azure Machine Learning

Thank you for enrolling in our Azure Machine Learning course!

First things first – here are links to the slides for the course, so you can keep them for future reference:





These slides may also contain text versions of the various snippets of code and configuration we used in the course.


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into Azure ML Studio

To login into Azure ML Studio, navigate to

Once there, it will ask you to sign-in. Input your Azure credentials and log in.


Download the datasets

Use the links provided above to download the datasets.


Get familiar with the datasets

Once you have downloaded the datasets – it is a good idea to get familiar with the data, fields, etc.

You can view the data in Excel or any other compatible spreadsheet program. There are many fields of the dataset which can be leveraged for data analysis.


Upload the dataset to Azure ML

You can go to Azure ML studio and click on

New -> Experiment

to create a new Azure ML experiment. Now click on

New -> Dataset

and then new data set, Azure ML will ask you to browse for the data set on your local machine. You can choose the data file and click on Ok to begin the upload process.