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5 November 2018

10 Must Have Qualities of a Tech Startup Founder – Are You the Next Influencer?

Technology is setting the world abuzz today. Technology now assists all industries, new and old. In this age, innovative ideas and products are always being released and in demand. This demand is the main reason for so many tech startups flooding the market. However, with so many companies and products flooding the market, you need […]

25 October 2018

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Investing In The Right Technology Which Can Fuel Your Growth

When it comes to competition, the slimmest advantage can make it or break it You might have an idea that would make the world a better place. This idea could be a product that makes some daily task easy, save space or help us travel. Buckle up! It could do big in our society where […]

6 September 2018

The role of cloud computing in Education Technology

[stm_post_details] Cloud computing is an IT paradigm which constitutes the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more over the Internet. This technology allows people and businesses to stay connected from anywhere in the world while on the move. The key to accessing the information stored in Cloud usually involves robust security [...]

31 August 2018

Application of Machine Learning in EdTech

[stm_post_details] Machine Learning, often coupled with AI and Deep Learning is a revolutionary field of technology. These technologies give machines the ability to go beyond performing mundane, repetitive tasks and gain the capacity to learn functions, analyze data and execute tasks. Machine Learning is now being applied in numerous fields varying from ordinary tasks to [...]

27 August 2018

Integrating Deep Learning in Education Technology

[stm_post_details] Deep Learning is regarded as a subset of Machine Learning and is concerned with learning Data representations. This is different from traditional task-specific algorithms, as a system ingrained in Deep Learning can adapt itself and evolve to perform many processes A system capable of Deep Learning and programmed to operate can also adapt to [...]