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14 June 2019

Machine Learning on GCP- For crucial on-time business decisions

Machine Learning (ML) is all about “letting machines make better decisions for us.” Machine learning as the application of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world of technology. The field of cloud computing is not untouched by the importance of machine learning. With the cloud, it is possible to digest, ingest, and analyze huge amounts of […]

6 November 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Setting Aside the Differences

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence or AI is a concept that envisioned machines having a trait somewhat similar to Human Intelligence. Most devices either required a manual operator to use it to perform the designated task or to input instructions. This was because they were capable of following orders, and not thinking themselves. Such are […]

31 August 2018

Application of Machine Learning in EdTech

[stm_post_details] Machine Learning, often coupled with AI and Deep Learning is a revolutionary field of technology. These technologies give machines the ability to go beyond performing mundane, repetitive tasks and gain the capacity to learn functions, analyze data and execute tasks. Machine Learning is now being applied in numerous fields varying from ordinary tasks to [...]

27 August 2018

Integrating Deep Learning in Education Technology

[stm_post_details] Deep Learning is regarded as a subset of Machine Learning and is concerned with learning Data representations. This is different from traditional task-specific algorithms, as a system ingrained in Deep Learning can adapt itself and evolve to perform many processes A system capable of Deep Learning and programmed to operate can also adapt to [...]

7 August 2018

EdTech – Why is it such a big opportunity?

[stm_post_details] Education and Technology seem to be connected to each other by an endlessly looped system. They feed each other in such a way that both of them grow together. The more we learn, the better the technology gets, and the better the technology gets, the more there is to learn. This has given rise [...]