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3 June 2019

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Write A Business Plan

Designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only an artist or a professional specializes in such methods and strokes that create something really different and useful for the client who asks for it. Also, following the market trend in case of symbols and types of signages is not an easy thing to do which is […]

27 May 2019

How The Smartest of Entrepreneurs Bootstrapped Their Startups

Hard… but not impossible Bootstrapping is one of the least favorable methods to fund and kickstart your startup. This is because, in such a startup, the owners or the co-founders fund the business via their individual means or resources. Raising capital for the startup and sustaining oneself at the same time is not an easy […]

17 May 2019

Tech Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide

Just a year ago, there were a total of 582 million people running their own business or setting it up according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. This number is rising at an exponential rate. People from all over the world are looking for opportunities in business to benefit from. However, the process of setting up a […]