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7 December 2018

Student Centered Learning: The Schools of the Future

Syllabus and the Student The school systems all over the world have a few standard features. The most common practice across the globe is school systems following a centralized curriculum, which is fixed for a region, a state, a country or even internationally. All conventional forms of education have a syllabus, which is a curriculum […]

29 November 2018

Learning Sciences – How To Best Help Humans Learn?

Learning About Learning Education has been the cornerstone of civilization for ages. Be it Arts, Science or any other field whatsoever; human beings have always been keen to know as much as they possibly could. Curiosity has been the driving force behind many monumental discoveries and innovations. Human beings want to learn about everything, including […]

22 November 2018

EdTech: From Theory to Reality

EdTech – An Overview Technology finds itself to be a blessing in many fields. All sectors have adopted technology to their benefit. This includes using them to do processes that were done by human beings in the early times. There are also processes that are now entirely dependent on technology. It forms the backbone of […]

30 October 2018

Personalized Learning – The Need of the Hour

Personalized Learning is what the phrase implies – a learning tailor-made to suit the needs and interests of an individual. There are many faces to personalized learning, which involves the customization of one or more aspects of education; the content, method of instruction, pace of study, and other factors that regulate the educational environment. Branches […]

10 October 2018

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Computational Thinking in EdTech: Concept or Cross-Disciplinary Skill?

Computers are revolutionary machines. The idea of a Computer started off as a simple Calculator in its early stages. Since then, it has evolved to become a powerful machine capable of performing an array of tasks. It is now the most potent tool in Technology. However, the core use of Computers is still in Problem […]