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26 March 2019

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E-commerce Personalization – Predicting Demand And Delighting Customers

Dramatic modernization of economies ranks alongside the development, proliferating opportunities and it would not be wrong to say that this thriving drive holds its roots somewhere in electronic trading or electronic commerce or more specifically ‘the e-commerce’. The term E-commerce has been around for a while and owing to its unremitting serviceability and cushy practices […]

15 November 2018

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Selling: A Skill Where Technology Can Help

The basic goal of a business is to sell its products. No matter what the long-term goal is regarding growth and progress, it all comes down to selling. Every step that a company takes is with the intention of selling their product. The quantity of sold products and services determine the success of a company. […]

5 October 2018

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Building The Company Before The Product – It’s A Trap

Products and business go hand in hand. Winning the product race can give you the boost to survive the everyday battle in the business world.  The world of business is a place of opportunities. When you’re knocking the right doors, you are selling your products. Improving everyday activities for better results or a comfortable lifestyle […]

21 June 2018

Machine Learning and E-Commerce

  With the widespread use of the internet, E-commerce is ever so booming. People are opting for a quick and easy way of buying products online. Traditional retail stores are in gradual decline. E-commerce is simply emerging as the better choice for saving time and money while also not compromising on quality. Machine learning has [...]