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16 May 2019

Top 10 Benefits of Jenkins

Jenkins is an amazing software development tool, which is used for continuous integration tasks. It’s very helpful when building and testing software projects. Jenkins, a cross-platform software, is written in Java. It is free and open-source. To learn more about it, visit their official site here: The main benefits of Jenkins are listed below: […]

7 May 2019

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What Exactly is DevOps?

DevOps has been a major buzzword in the world of IT and software development. However, like most new terms, there is a lot of confusion as to what it actually means and how companies can benefit from it. It is important to understand that DevOps is not simply a set of tools, but more a […]

11 July 2018

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DevOps: Streamlining Your Operations Team

[stm_post_details] “Streamlining operations by adopting technical innovations and adapting to change is definitely a great decision for your business.” DevOps is a powerful tool that allows software developers to develop better software, faster, and with lesser number of errors or bugs. The core idea of this is the amalgamation of software development and operations. This [...]

9 July 2018

DevOps and Cloud: The Holy Communion

[stm_post_details] “Anything new grabs those eyeballs, but not everything satisfies those choosy eyeballs.” Let us understand one such union. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing has emerged to be one of the most widely used technologies. This is an online platform which helps to store substantial amount of information on a centralized database, enabling ease of access [...]

9 July 2018

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Skillsets For DevOps – Stay Ahead Of Competition In A Crowded Marketplace

[stm_post_details] “The right skillset can take you to places you cannot even imagine and the most important skill is to accept change and adapt to change.” DevOps is a powerful tool which will enable the development of the company when used right. When you are searching for new people who can adapt to this change, [...]