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27 November 2018

Cloud Computing & Digital Transformations: Going Digital With Cloud

Digital Transformation: Staying Relevant Information rules the world today. Cyberspace dictates not only the big picture but also the aspects and the pace of day to day life of ordinary people. In such a scenario, every field faces the option of adapting to the Internet or disappearing forever. In this situation, companies have to do […]

20 November 2018

Switching to Cloud: A Step Towards Going From Small To Big Business

Businesses and Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is proving to be extraordinarily disruptive and revolutionary to almost all industries that apply it to themselves, by being a relatively simple yet versatile resource. Nearly every industry can benefit from integrating Cloud into their protocols, be it as a storage location, database, platform or for big data analysis. […]

15 October 2018

Make A Move To Cloud – Get Trained In Cloud Computing And Lead The Race

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster…carrying around these non-connected computers is Byzantine by comparison.” Steve Jobs Cloud computing has clearly and without any doubt moved into the mainstream of IT industry. The advent of cloud computing has bought significant changes to the enterprises in […]

6 September 2018

The role of cloud computing in Education Technology

[stm_post_details] Cloud computing is an IT paradigm which constitutes the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more over the Internet. This technology allows people and businesses to stay connected from anywhere in the world while on the move. The key to accessing the information stored in Cloud usually involves robust security [...]

9 July 2018

DevOps and Cloud: The Holy Communion

[stm_post_details] “Anything new grabs those eyeballs, but not everything satisfies those choosy eyeballs.” Let us understand one such union. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing has emerged to be one of the most widely used technologies. This is an online platform which helps to store substantial amount of information on a centralized database, enabling ease of access [...]