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4 April 2019

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How To Setup Distributed Teams For High Efficiency

The world in the twenty-first century has become a lot smaller and better connected. Today, everything is available at your doorstep. Everything that used to require you to get out of your house and go somewhere is now doable at the touch of a button. Even Employment, which earlier needed a workshop or an office […]

26 December 2018

Funding for Startups- The Fuel to Your Fire

For any budding entrepreneur with an idea to start their enterprise, the biggest challenge is probably arranging the capital to start his business. In a world run by money, you have to spend money to make it. Many business plans have failed to reach its full potential due to the lack of financial backers. After […]

17 December 2018

Product Quality – Cheap Way? No Way!

It’s the startups that face the real challenge when working on a new product or software for a market. They have to bring something revolutionary to the table with limited resources and time. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you can definitely relate to the struggle of finding people with the right inclination towards a particular […]

28 November 2018

Feedback Loops: A Bulletproof Mechanism

Managing a business can be a lot of hassle for even the most experienced ones in the field. There are so many things to take care of it so little time, and everything has to come together perfectly for it to work. The success of a business relies on many factors, and all these elements […]

16 November 2018

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The Road to Profitability: Yes, It’s Possible

Profit is the endgame of any business venture. From a local vendor to an MNC, every decision taken and executed by a business revolves around the goal of increasing profit. It is the indicator of success. With that in mind, how does one become successful? How does a budding business grow into a thriving enterprise? […]