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20 March 2019

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Why Canada is a Leading Blockchain Hotspot

Northern America has always been one of the major hubs for blockchain development. You would think that the United States would lead the charge in this area. And you’d be right. But don’t count Canada out. It comes in second to the United States and the United Kingdom regarding the adoption and investments into this […]

8 November 2018

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Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Tracker: SAP Leading The Way

SAP and Blockchain SAP has been the forerunners of Technological Innovation, and this initiative is no different. By collaborating with some firms in food, pharmaceuticals, shipping, and technology, they have visualized an innovative use for blockchain, as a digital supply chain tracker. After Maersk and IBM announced a joint venture to attain similar goals, SAP […]

7 November 2018

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Blockchain in Healthcare: Revolution 2020

Statistics show that by 2020, one in five of the entire healthcare industry will adopt the Blockchain technology. Fields like Logistics have already started to exploit this field, but Healthcare is lagging. There are many aspects to this technology that makes it a promising bet in the future, but also a risk at the current […]

11 September 2018

Tetranoodle Collaborates With Blockchain Communities – Making An Impact!

[stm_post_details] Startups, when they launch are intrinsically in strange situations since they have to prove themselves as a workable business while generating revenue and making the profit. Entering a crowded marketplace or even educating the target audience about a new service or product requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. Moreover, the right strategies need to be [...]

14 August 2018

Can Blockchain change the face of Education Technology?

[stm_post_details] Blockchain technology came into the mainstream with the boom of cryptocurrency. It is a form of decentralized and secure electronic ledger that can be used to track transactions. Blockchain provides a platform for secure transactions to occur and be recorded. Once it is in the chain, the history cannot be wiped out or altered [...]