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22 June 2018

Block-Chain in Automobile Industry – Getting Ready For The Future

[stm_post_details] Blockchain technology can be one of the essential building blocks in the automobile industry in developing a new infrastructure and machinery for the vehicles of future. The fundamental characteristics of this technology which are immutability, transparency, and decentralization can have a deep-rooted effect on all the processes of the industry. The automobile industry is [...]

21 June 2018

Block-Chain In Real Estate

[stm_post_details] The real estate industry has many aspects in the way it operates. There is a lot of paperwork involved at each stage of the property transaction as lease rental rates, agreements, property value, valuations and much more. In today’s digitized and hyper-connected world there is a greater demand for transparency. Therefore, much of the [...]

21 June 2018

Impact of Block-chain revolution in the Financial Sector

[stm_post_details] It would not be wrong to say that the financial sector has entered into a new digital era with the advent of “blockchain”. This new technology is poised enough to redefine how we think about financial transactions and has a scope to revolutionize the economy as a whole. Of all the new technologies that [...]

21 June 2018

Blockchain in Hospitality Industry

[stm_post_details] “Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly.” - Vitalik Buterin Whether a property in a quiet [...]

21 June 2018

Block-Chain into Oil and Gas Industry

[stm_post_details] Oil is the lifeblood of today’s world, and Natural Gas is the oxygen that it breathes. Ever since the industrial revolution, Fossil fuels have propelled the world into a bright future, by being the major fuel that kept the torch burning. As time passed, technologies developed, but they retained their status as the most [...]