2 April 2019

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How AI is already taking over the world.

The field of Artificial Intelligence has always been a gold mine for science fiction writers, because of the sheer amount and magnitude of possibilities. A machine that can think and analyze like a man opens up many avenues of creativity. This is why there is a bulk of science fiction surrounding Artificial Intelligence, especially machines […]

20 March 2019

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Beneficial Ways to Integrate AI Into Your Business

Many experts agree about the enormous potential of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in businesses. Its significant influence on modern technology leaves business owners with no choice but to incorporate it in daily operations and thus reduce the overall costs of running successful business operations. According to the research presented in the infographic below by TechJury, […]

6 November 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Setting Aside the Differences

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence or AI is a concept that envisioned machines having a trait somewhat similar to Human Intelligence. Most devices either required a manual operator to use it to perform the designated task or to input instructions. This was because they were capable of following orders, and not thinking themselves. Such are […]

20 August 2018

AR, VR & mixed reality in Education Technology – The Creative Mode is on!

[stm_post_details] Education Technology or EdTech is the implementation of technology in the field of education to assist everyone involved. This includes the use of teaching aids like smart classrooms, projectors, and similar non-conventional instruments both in and outside classrooms. Traditional System of Education The Traditional means of education implies the learning experience restricted to books [...]

10 August 2018

Learning Smart: Artificial Intelligence in Education Technology

[stm_post_details] Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized many fields, with its amazing applications. By inculcating machines, with traits that mimic human intelligence gives them many abilities previously unavailable. They gain decision-making ability, pattern recognition skills, and similar characteristics of sentience. These make them independent and self-reliant to a certain extent. AI has proved itself as a novel [...]