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28 November 2018

Feedback Loops: A Bulletproof Mechanism

Managing a business can be a lot of hassle for even the most experienced ones in the field. There are so many things to take care of it so little time, and everything has to come together perfectly for it to work. The success of a business relies on many factors, and all these elements […]

27 November 2018

Cloud Computing & Digital Transformations: Going Digital With Cloud

Digital Transformation: Staying Relevant Information rules the world today. Cyberspace dictates not only the big picture but also the aspects and the pace of day to day life of ordinary people. In such a scenario, every field faces the option of adapting to the Internet or disappearing forever. In this situation, companies have to do […]

26 November 2018

IT Infrastructure Deployment And Setup- The Backbone Of A Smooth-Running Enterprise

Infrastructure is a framework that supports an organization or a system. Information Technology Infrastructure or IT Infrastructure involves both physical and virtual components that assist the flow, storage, and processing of information that is vital for the proper functioning of the business. IT Infrastructure can be in many forms and can be broadly classified as […]

22 November 2018

EdTech: From Theory to Reality

EdTech – An Overview Technology finds itself to be a blessing in many fields. All sectors have adopted technology to their benefit. This includes using them to do processes that were done by human beings in the early times. There are also processes that are now entirely dependent on technology. It forms the backbone of […]

20 November 2018

Switching to Cloud: A Step Towards Going From Small To Big Business

Businesses and Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is proving to be extraordinarily disruptive and revolutionary to almost all industries that apply it to themselves, by being a relatively simple yet versatile resource. Nearly every industry can benefit from integrating Cloud into their protocols, be it as a storage location, database, platform or for big data analysis. […]