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11 June 2019

Why are the best startups moving to Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has gained traction amazingly fast and has created opportunities for companies to develop businesses on top of the open source project. It has become one of the favored systems of running distributed software applications amongst startups.   Kubernetes- the cloud-native Google created this new application management technology five years ago which began with a […]

9 June 2019

Leverage the power of Big Data on GCP- Take your startup to the next level

A combination of a great idea, good team, decent funding, and a keen audience is the key for a startup to succeed and if the startup is data-driven then rest assured all these things are covered. Most of the entrepreneurs assume that Big Data is for big organizations only, which is actually not the case. […]

6 June 2019

Google Cloud Platform: A robust and comprehensive Cloud Computing Service

Google is arguably the biggest name in the technology industry right now with its various internet services being used by almost everyone worldwide. Google Search and YouTube are household names for anyone who has ever been online. Google has a massive infrastructure that helps it cater to millions simultaneously, and this same infrastructure is used […]

6 June 2019

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Best Ideas To Generate A Good Amount Of Revenue

Generating revenue is what any business is all about. In case, you are not generating money out of business activity, then it is considered as a mere hobby or passion. In simple words, monetization is the method of making a profit via assets, services or products and the method involved in marketing as well as […]

3 June 2019

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Write A Business Plan

Designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only an artist or a professional specializes in such methods and strokes that create something really different and useful for the client who asks for it. Also, following the market trend in case of symbols and types of signages is not an easy thing to do which is […]