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17 December 2018

Product Quality – Cheap Way? No Way!

It’s the startups that face the real challenge when working on a new product or software for a market. They have to bring something revolutionary to the table with limited resources and time. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you can definitely relate to the struggle of finding people with the right inclination towards a particular […]

7 December 2018

Student Centered Learning: The Schools of the Future

Syllabus and the Student The school systems all over the world have a few standard features. The most common practice across the globe is school systems following a centralized curriculum, which is fixed for a region, a state, a country or even internationally. All conventional forms of education have a syllabus, which is a curriculum […]

4 December 2018

Cheerleading: For Your Employees and Customers

They say a little appreciation goes a long way. Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated for their work. For a lot of people, the idea of getting this recognition keeps them motivated and pushes them to do better in what they do. Cheerleading your Customers and Employees is an excellent way to show that […]

2 December 2018

How To Hire A Rock Star Team And Retain It?

“It takes both sides to build a bridge”. Building a good team is one of the most critical challenges that the founders of startups have to face. So settle in! “Alone we can do so much little”. Especially if you’re a growing company, you cannot take the workload apart. Keeping up with finance, publicity, Fundraising, […]

29 November 2018

Learning Sciences – How To Best Help Humans Learn?

Learning About Learning Education has been the cornerstone of civilization for ages. Be it Arts, Science or any other field whatsoever; human beings have always been keen to know as much as they possibly could. Curiosity has been the driving force behind many monumental discoveries and innovations. Human beings want to learn about everything, including […]