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25 April 2019

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  • Category: IoT

The Impact of IoT on Industries

We stand on the brink of the technological revolution that will redefine society and the way we work, play, and live and one the driving forces behind it is the IoT.  We’ve learned throughout the history that embracing industrial revolutions drives economies forward, impacting various industries and creating new opportunities to grow innovation and improve […]

24 April 2019

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  • Category: Science

Ancient Inventions that changed the world

Ancient Excellence World history is full of stories of men and women who changed the world. Human civilization boasts of a slew of Visionaries in the field of Art, Science, War, Politics and so on. Each person contributed something to the world in their time, and are remembered for their work. Some of them are […]

16 April 2019

Bullying In Modern Science: Is it spreading?

Bullying is the intentional mistreatment of someone malicious and intentionally hurtful. Bullying can be shouting, insulting, scaring, or even physically harming someone. It can also be in more subtle forms as well. No one is a stranger to bullying. All of us have seen or participated in the act of bullying. As a stranger, as […]

9 April 2019

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  • Category: Science

Our planet Earth – The speck of dust in the vastness of space

The great Carl Sagan shared these profound words in his book Pale Blue Dot. They were inspired by an image taken, by the Voyager 1 spacecraft on February 14, 1990. As the spacecraft flew off billion of miles left our tiny little planetary neighborhood – which we are most familiar with – for the far […]

4 April 2019

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  • Category: Business

How To Setup Distributed Teams For High Efficiency

The world in the twenty-first century has become a lot smaller and better connected. Today, everything is available at your doorstep. Everything that used to require you to get out of your house and go somewhere is now doable at the touch of a button. Even Employment, which earlier needed a workshop or an office […]