Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Use Cases and Impact on various industries

Blockchain Use Cases and Impact on Various Industries

We, at TetraNoodle, continuously strive to work on Technologies of the future. Blockchain, which is the future of all contracts be it business or personal!

Lets us check some of the use cases of Blockchain in various industries!

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Finance Industry is where Blockchain has been used extensively. It is the birth ground Blockchain Applications and use. Finance Industry is where contractual obligations and transactions records have to be kept intact! Blockchain has far-reaching impacts in Financial Industry! Click here to check use cases in Finance Industry


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Hospitality as a sector is linked to economic growth. At the outset, it doesn’t look like that Blockchain will make inroads in the industry, but when you deep dive there are many uses cases of Blockchain in the Hospitality industry, especially in Smart Contracts. Check here how it is impacting Hospitality Industry


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Robotics is especially an industry where innovation in Blockchain is happening. From controlling the type of commands in critical industrial applications in sectors like manufacturing etc. to many other applications, Blockchain has far-reaching impact in Robotics! Check the use cases in Robotics


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The very fact that defence is a very critical part for any republic/country, Blockchain makes sense. It’s tampered proof technology makes and creates many possibilities of applying Blockchain in Defence industry! From safeguarding sensitive information to many other things. Check defence applications here


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One of the biggest problems that have been perennial to Real Estate Industry is fulfilling the contractual obligations. The ambiguous nature of contracts which have multiple variables and good length of time, it becomes difficult to fulfill obligations by either party. Check Real Estate impact here


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Actually, the auto industry has two critical things i.e. Manufacturing and Design. While there is a lot of robotic applications in automating the manufacturing processes! This is where Blockchain makes an impact! Apart from this, applications in design are evident. Check Automotive Industry applications here


Looking for an Expert to implement Blockchain Technology in any of the above industries?

Technologies we work upon

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 This technology is soon taking other industries by storm. We can build systems which work on BlockChain Technology


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Cloud is the most efficient way to manage complex data driven systems efficiently. And hence we develop systems on Cloud.


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With information being central to all processes, it is very important to manage that data. We can develop systems which leverage Big Data.


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Nowadays, our systems should leverage analytics to understand consumer behavior and innovate accordingly.


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With Deep learning, we try to build systems which evolve as per consumer and hence are more relevant to all stakeholders of the system


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With the advent of evolving technologies, we use Deep Learning along with Machine Learning to get AI.


results we deliver!

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