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Event logistics are so critical to get right because even a minor logistics oversight can sabotage the whole event. There is a need to manage security and lots of real-time data from applications, social media, sensors, and users.

Now IMS, an incident management platform is modernizing event security by using centralized and intelligent security command center in place of spreadsheets and paper-based systems. The main aim is to use data to keep people safe proactively.

The Background

Now IMS was built by a team of four people in Houston, Texas. The company believes in smart and intelligent management. They intelligently combine team communication, essential documents, and data logs through an easy to use dashboard. Now’s robust system elevates the whole process to a new level.

The company launched its platform on Google Cloud for quicker innovation and improved customer experience. Let’s take a look at how GCP played a pivotal role in accomplishing Now IMS’s vision.


Scaling Now IMS with Google Cloud

The initial architecture of Now IMS included Java, Redis, and Postgres for the backend service communication with a PHP frontend application. Now IMS was using the services from another cloud service provider for file storage of documents and photos before they made a move to Google Cloud.

However, they wanted to scale easily and quickly. The original system was not giving them what they wanted. As they grew and with customer experience Now IMS realized that they needed a lighter stack which will allow them to focus on what matters the most.

That’s when Now IMS decided to upgrade their stack, considering not just the platform they were building but also the way they were making it. Google Cloud Platform came out as a perfect fit since to the company, nature of their platform, size of their team, pricing, and support were significant and GCP takes care of all these aspects amicably.

Besides the ongoing support that Now IMS was getting, they found Google’s ecosystem to be the best since it made it easy for them to integrate various services without weighing down their stack or overburdening their process.

Now IMS could focus on other stuff like writing and deploying code and user requirements instead of worrying about load balancers or servers.


Integrated Cloud system with GCP

Nowadays, cloud functions have become an integral part of running a business. For Now IMS, the integration of other fully-managed services such as Cloud Firestore which ensures that systems are always available was made easy with Google Cloud Platform.

The company checks for change events as data is updated or persisted in Cloud Firestore. The company could also feed data to BigQuery for analysis and perform nightly backups. Besides that, GCP also integrated with other tools that Now IMS was using such as; Mailgun, Angular, Bitbucket, and Trello.


The Outcome

1.  A fault-tolerant, scalable, and fast system backed by a secure and best in class service.

2. The time taken to development and deliverance reduced significantly.

3. With Cloud functions Now, IMS was also able to adopt a microservice/ serverless paradigm that gave them the flexibility to focus more on   providing features and customer experiences instead of focusing on patching and server management.

4. Without the need to manage additional widgets. Now IMS could let their user experience drive their deployment. So from adding video       analytics to tracking new social media feeds, they were able to do all.

5. Now IMS was also able to monitor public social media shares around an event according to client’s requirements by leveraging GCP tools    such as BigQuery and Cloud Datarep to provide fast analytic insight and also capture related social media posts.

6. Now IMS engine could track events on social media and support even more teams’ effort for
raising awareness or prevent critical incidents.


The Success

Now IMS’s recent experience at Super Bowl LI after the GCP integration helped them in keeping their fans safe by centralizing social media reports, police reports, and internal incident reports under one security command center. The communication between the security teams of National Football League with law enforcement, government agencies, and local resources were faster than before. The iterative and nimble ways that Google Cloud Platform supports gave Now IMS the flexibility to focus on the new features that the National Football League needed.


The Bottom Line

Google Cloud Platform enables any startup to work their way ground up faster and easier by not only providing them with efficient tools and services but through effective mentorship and free credits as well. You can learn more about Google Cloud Startup Programs here.


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