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Modern day customers are more demanding than ever. The process of engaging the consumers instantly based on the information and breaking news has become the need of the hour. Companies have to maintain a consistent relationship with their customers with cutting-edge data. Liftigniter, a California based company utilizes augmented intelligence to help organizations transform the customer experience.

About Liftigniter

The company is a real-time personalization platform that creates more personalized and profitable digital experiences with machine learning. The mission of Liftigniter is to enable more engaging user experiences by facilitating customers to put the top items and content in front of each user click.

Liftigniter recently moved to Google Cloud Platform to reduce costs, improve scalability, and to maintain focus on product development. Since this move, the company has grown 400% and has handled billions of events per month.

Let’s take a look at their success story.

How it all started?

Being successful in e-commerce or digital advertising means that a business needs to have more engagement, more views, and of course, more sales. Generating this would require personalized customer interactions at every stage from websites to mobile apps. This is essential because if a customer is not engaged with the content at the start, then he will definitely look for more options and it becomes unlikely that he will come back.

Personalized technologies have evolved since inception, they are now more effective and accurate in providing more satisfying customer experiences, thus increasing the business revenue. With recent advancements in the personalized system, companies like Liftigniter are expanding their space. The company’s predictive analytics has helped in improving the click-through rates on apps and websites, thus helping some of the big media and e-commerce companies to increase conversation and traffic on their websites.

Liftigniter was earlier on another cloud platform before it entered Google Machine Learning Competition which was put on Google Cloud. By winning 2 out of 4 prizes in the contest, Liftigniter earned free credits worth $500,000 to GCP. This gave them access to unparalleled speed and scale to run its refined personalized models. GCP, unlike the previous cloud provider, offered Liftigniter favorable committed and continuous use discounts, superior load balancing, lower network costs, and simpler management across regions.

How GCP gave a boost to Liftigniter’s vision?

Scaling the real-time personalization with GCP

As soon as the user lands on an app or a website that uses Liftigniter, the company’s algorithm that works on GCP receives multiple data signals about the user without collecting personally identifiable data. As a result, personalized recommendations are returned in less than 150 milliseconds. The 

auto-scaling in Google Compute Engine, during the heavy workloads, automatically adds virtual machines from an instance group. This allows the company to maintain high-quality user experience and steady performance. Furthermore, when the need is less, virtual machines are automatically turned off, thus saving the costs.

In addition, this has helped its employees to focus more on product development. Besides that, by using managed services such as Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Dataproc results in efficiency gains.

Ten times increase in time to market

By using Google BigQuery, a fully managed data warehouse, Liftigniter can perform real-time analytics on streaming data. This has enabled smarter personalization while reducing infrastructure and developer costs as compared to earlier.

Rapid growth

Within a span of one year, the number of employees grew by approximately 400% and to keep them productive and connected, the company used G Suite apps such as- Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and Slides. This helped them in creating a real-time collaboration among the employees.

Therefore, with scalable and mature services from Google Cloud Platform along with cutting-edge machine learning technology that continues to improve quickly, Liftigniter has been benefited in many ways. To summarize-

  • Scalability for processing each month a large number of personalized events.
  • Customer’s total e-commerce revenue was increased by 10%, thus generating millions of dollars per year in absolute value.
  • There has been a ten times increase in time to market for analytics.
  • Up To 8 FTE’s could be reclaimed for product development

The way forward

By using ML personalization at scale, the company helped its clients build a relevant to date digital businesses. Liftigniter has already helped achieve an increase of 240% in click-through rate to its high-profile customers along with improvement of 159% in time spent on the website, and a 105% increase in conversation.

The company is now enhancing its solutions by using Google Cloud ML API’s such as; Google Cloud  Intelligence and Google Cloud Natural Language for analyzing the content of videos and text so as to introduce new features faster than before.


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