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A combination of a great idea, good team, decent funding, and a keen audience is the key for a startup to succeed and if the startup is data-driven then rest assured all these things are covered.
Most of the entrepreneurs assume that Big Data is for big organizations only, which is actually not the case. Being data-driven can help startups to succeed and scale.

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Google Cloud Platform offers various data analytics tools which can help the companies to process, capture, analyze, and store data in one place thus allowing businesses to change focus from infrastructure to analytics that informs business decisions. Besides that, the Google Cloud Platform Big Data tools can be used in combination with other open-source and cloud-native solutions to meet the business requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the Big Data tools on GCP before we discuss how Big Data can take your startup to the next level.

Big Query

One of the most robust GCP tools that companies of all sizes can use. It is a serverless, enterprise data warehouse, managed, using SQL where data can be analyzed in real time. This GCP tool allows the employees to focus on providing insights to improve the bottom line while making them free from data management. Besides that, it is an affordable tool and can be scaled up and down as per the needs.

Cloud DataProc

It is a managed service that decreases the complexity of the initial setup process. Although it is a completely automated service, however, it allows manual controls if required. Cloud DataProc is highly available, scalable, and provides multiple ways to manage your cluster.

Cloud Pub/Sub

This tool fills the gap in the data processing service of the company. Cloud Pub/Sub is a subscriber/publisher service that allows businesses to stream even data into topics. This service is serverless and automatically scales to handle the workload. It allows multiple subscribers can pull from the same topic.

Cloud DataLab

This tool helps in sharing the datasets, queries, and reports with colleagues so that business can further analyze, transform it, explore, and even build machine learning models.

Cloud DataPrep

Cloud DataPrep is a free, managed and scalable service that detects schemas, find anomalies, outliers, and data types thus making it easier to clean up the data before analysis. As a result, employees end up saving a lot of time.

Cloud Composer

It is easy to use, free managed service that helps businesses to control pipelines to on-site data centers and cloud.

Using Big Data on GCP to stay a step ahead

Leveraging all possibilities of Big Data enables the startups to gain a competitive edge. By leaving the complexities of data analytics to Google Cloud Platform, startups can accelerate time to insights. The benefits of serverless, end-to-end data analytics and integrated services that surpass conventional limitations can take the business to the next level.

Focus is on analytics and not infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform’s serverless and fully managed approach eliminates the operational overhead by handling the big data analytics scalability, security, availability, solution’s performance, and compliance needs automatically. Moreover, startups don’t need huge investment they can pay only for the resource they use.

Accelerate development

Big Data can be used by startups to know their competitors. There is a goldmine of data on various forums and social media and by analyzing the data entrepreneurs can identify the room for improvement, different trends and underserved niches, avoid mistakes of competitors, and provide exact services and features that the target audience wants. BigQuery on GCP allows analyzing this enormous data at a blazing fast speed whereas Cloud Pub/Sub can help in ingesting millions of events per second from anywhere in the world.

Know your customers well

Loyal customers are the main asset for any organization and this customer loyalty is built over time. Therefore startups have to invent new approaches to win customer loyalty and sustain it too which as a result will lead to word of mouth promotion with time. Here, Big Data can help in tracking the customer’s buying routine so that the target ads can be sent. Besides that, startups can do other marketing promotions to hit the sweet spot and win the deal.

Our final thoughts

Embracing Big Data from the beginning is essential for startups that aim to quickly succeed and scale.

So whatever your business needs, GCP’s data analytics tools are worth considering as they provide solutions for each type and size of business and help startups in leaping ahead.


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