Google Cloud Platform: A robust and comprehensive Cloud Computing Service


Cloud Computing

Google is arguably the biggest name in the technology industry right now with its various internet services being used by almost everyone worldwide. Google Search and YouTube are household names for anyone who has ever been online. Google has a massive infrastructure that helps it cater to millions simultaneously, and this same infrastructure is used by Google to provide its Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform comes under Google Cloud, alongside the G Suite, Android, and Chrome OS Enterprise versions and similar Cloud-based applications. The main function of GCP is to use Cloud Computing to enhance the performance of systems and networks by providing computing environments, Infrastructure as a service and Platform as a service, alongside providing management and data analytics solutions and tools.

GCP Products

Google has a multitude of computing, database, networking, and other tools that come under GCP. A detailed list of these services can be found here. Some of its most notable categories are the following.


1) Computing

GCP offers an array of products on Computing solutions that run on the cloud platform. A few examples of these are. GCP offers a space to run these applications for computing purposes even without enough computing power or servers since remote servers host these applications via Cloud computing. Google Compute Engine, for example, offers Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). This means that Google provides remote access to hardware in order to run computing processes that would be too big for normal systems to run.

2) Storage and Database:

G CloudOne of the most attractive features of Cloud computing is off-site storage capability. This feature is very popular in modern computers and phones for backup, sharing and syncing purposes. Google Cloud Storage allows users to store vast amounts of Data in a remote location. Google Cloud has been popular, especially since the rise in demand for smartphones.


3) App Development

Google also offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the form of Google App Engine. This platform allows App Developers to use Google’s scalable hosting as long as they comply with the conditions that the system puts forth regarding the app itself. An app not complying with these rules require modified versions of the App Engine. This platform is ahead of its competitors in terms of the infrastructure it provides.


4) Management tools:

GCP also contains an array of management tools that allow the client to deploy various management solutions like access, monitoring, and diagnostics from the cloud platform, and manage the resources on it. Popular options like StackDriver and Cloud API are available on GCP.


5) Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence:

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have been popular buzzwords that studies show to be a goldmine of untapped wealth. Big Data Analytics and AI both have a wide variety of applications in all fields but are seldom used. This is mainly due to the fact that these are relatively new ideas, and also require a lot of investment in infrastructure to yield results. This is where GCP aims to shine. GCP provides cloud-based solutions that allow clients to use Big Data and AI services on the cloud platform. Big Data Storage and Analytics tools such as BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud Dataproc can be accessed from GCP for this purpose. Cloud AI contains a variety of tools that can be applied for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI capabilities all under one umbrella. This section of GCP also has applications like Text to Speech and Speech to Text, that are basic yet very useful in all sectors.


GCP as a comprehensive Cloud Computing solution

Google is a company known to pull of innovations in the IT field, unlike any other company. From being the biggest search engine in the world to owning some of the most used websites on the internet, every single product they release is expected to be of a certain standard. And from Google Search to YouTube to the OS that took over the world, Android, Google has always delivered. This is where GCP becomes a cut above its competitors, first and foremost. Simply because it is Google.

Other than the brand name and the reliability associated with it, Google has also proved itself to be a site that makes the most user-friendly applications. One of the most crucial reasons for their success is their focus on user-friendliness. The Google ecosystem has an air that makes even the most illiterate internet users comfortable as if it was just another normal task of their lives. Due to this, Google has managed to integrate itself into the center of the Cyberspace, and this translates to their business endeavors as well. GCP, as a Google-powered system, is bound to have all the merits of Google.

Another, perhaps the most important reason why GCP will prove to be better than all its competitors is because of the fact that Google already has a vast infrastructure set up for their ventures. As one of the biggest names in the Industry, and a company with a history almost as old as the popular age of the Internet, they are capable of providing a much better package of solutions than any other companies. Being the pioneers of their industry, they outline the standards and set the bar for services. They, as the biggest search engine in the world, know exactly what the customers need, and provide it because of their already established foundations.


The Verdict

Google Cloud

Google has been providing the answers to our questions for years now, and now they are offering solutions to our computing problems themselves. As a successful company that has had a grip on the virtual space for decades, their solutions often turn out to be the best because they come from a place of knowledge, power, and a strong foundation. GCP is no difference, and it is the perfect, all-round Cloud Solution.


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