Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Write A Business Plan

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Designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only an artist or a professional specializes in such methods and strokes that create something really different and useful for the client who asks for it. Also, following the market trend in case of symbols and types of signages is not an easy thing to do which is why there arises the need to contact an agency that deals specifically with these issues. Promoting your brand is something that has to be carried out before you start your business.

When we talk about promoting a brand or about planning everything about your business. It involves everything, right from procurement of raw materials, building a warehouse, traditional methods of promotion such as putting up printed banners that can be used over and over again.

Entrepreneurs are people, who know how to lead. It isn’t necessary if they have a business plan. The only thing that they need to know is who do they need to execute on their vision and how to manage them. A successful businessperson isn’t the one who does all the work on their own. They are the ones who supervise, whilst their subordinates do the real work.

For instance, in case there is a small budget for advertising, they are supposed to assign the task to a team of experts so that they can come up with ideas such as print media that can be used in the form of flyers and pamphlets to let more people know about the brand.

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What are the business plans?

A business plan is essential for every start-up, and sometimes even if you have a fully-operational company. In order for your business to grow, you need a proper plan. And the idea is that once you execute as per your plan – your business can have a fair chance at expansion. Expansion of business forms the roots to generate profit – which is the essential pursuit of every business.

If you are in the process of acquiring a new client in your existing business, you need a plan to go through with it. Such a plan can be created by a specialist who knows the various parameters that are related to it.

For instance, exposure and recognition for your business are very important when you start. Which is why such methods of promotion such as vehicle wraps and banners can prove to be inexpensive as well as useful. This kind of plan saves the cost of the company as well as help in promoting the brand.

You don’t know where to start when you are just a startup. Most people get confused about things such as whether to promote the business before opening or whether to open the store and then go for the promotion. The best way to achieve success is to put in an extra investment to promote it amongst the local crowd before it is actually functional. You don’t want to have a bad day when you first open the store because if the people don’t know about it then there will be no sales.

Creating the right type of exposure and implementing the correct promotional tools is important for a business to run efficiently. You cannot simply invest in something that requires large sums of capital – just because in most cases you do not have access to large sums of money in the beginning. Unless you are a billion-dollar company, you wouldn’t like to bet all your capital if the promotional method you used does not work. This is the reason why, when it is about introducing your company to people, start from the basics. Now, this is the job of an entrepreneur.

These small details can be missed out on by the entrepreneur. This is why, it is really important to keep an expert who can write a details business plan, which is to the point.

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The reason why entrepreneurs shouldn’t write business plans

An entrepreneur is self-sufficient in many ways, such as presenting the company statistics, reports, plans; however, preparing one, does not fall under their KRA.

Consultants or experts have a very good idea or writing business plans, pertaining to a specific product or service. Business owners are no experts in drafting a report or an entire business plan. They may not even know the basic of writing one.

Demand for a specific product keeps on changing very frequently. Entrepreneurs are supposed to look at other crucial aspects of the business such as handling the client, reading reports, etc.

Take, for instance, a store owner. They are tasked with a lot of work such as managing the finances, investing in the raw materials, planning the budget, checking the sales, etc. Entrepreneurs should focus on things they are good at. If they are not great at preparing a business plan- they should not really attempt it. Otherwise, they may end up wasting too much time learning a skill – they may not need during the rest of their entrepreneurial journey.

An expert, who is a professional writer of business plans, requires the budget, the reports and all the other data regarding your company. Once they have everything that they need, they will be able to prepare an excellent business plan by putting everything together.

Don’t get me wrong. You cannot be very disconnected from the process. The business owner absolutely needs to verify the plan and make sure everything is accurately stated.  The idea is to offload the bulk of the work to a professional, instead of wasting their time on their own. This is the criteria to run a business.

If you want to be successful, you will need to delegate. Delegation is the base of a successful business. If an entrepreneur takes up all the responsibility, then they won’t have the time for the core work that a company requires.

Time management is another reason why such business plans should be written by a professional. Every second counts when you are in business, and if you invest your time doing what you are proficient in, then that will lead to better growth of the company.


It is important to recognize that as an entrepreneur does not have or need ALL the skills needed to establish, run and grow a business. The core part of your responsibility is to figure out the grand vision and who you need to execute on your vision.

Once you have that laid out in front of you – your primary job is to put it all together by hiring, managing and collaborating with your team. You should always hire professionals for specific areas of work so that they can present it in the best possible way.


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