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Jenkins Software Development tool



Jenkins is an amazing software development tool, which is used for continuous integration tasks. It’s very helpful when building and testing software projects.

Jenkins, a cross-platform software, is written in Java. It is free and open-source. To learn more about it, visit their official site here:

The main benefits of Jenkins are listed below:


1Easy to install: Jenkins has multiple easy installation options. More specifically, you can choose to install through an installer or through a native package. So installing Jenkins is not a tough job. 


2. Easy to configure: Jenkins comes with an easy-to-use web-based GUI that lets you configure it very easily. The online error checking feature and the online help facility are very useful for configuring Jenkins.


3.Customizable: A huge number of Jenkins plugins are available. So if you think that your Jenkins server lacks a feature, you can add it by installing a plugin. Plugins let you improve Jenkins quickly. If the plugin that you want is not available, just build one.


4.Easy to use: One of the main advantages of using Jenkins is – it’s easy to use. The web-based GUI makes it very easy for you to use the software tool.


5.Open-source: If you use Jenkins, you’ll get the benefits of an open-source software. So you can modify it according to your needs.


6.High-speed software development: Jenkins increases the productivity of a software developer significantly. It automates many integration tasks and makes many of them very easy for you. It also eliminates many integration problems, making you a highly productive software developer.


7.Portability: Jenkins is written in Java, so it works everywhere. It runs on all modern operating systems. As it’s very portable, adopting the tool has been very easy for the software developers.


8.High-quality documentation: The high-quality documentation for Jenkins has made it easy for you to learn it. If you need to learn something about this tool, just visit the documentation. The documentation is very reliable as it has been written by the top-class authors and developers.


9.Huge amount of helpful information available: If you think that you can’t find what you want in the documentation, just Google it. There are a good number of articles, blog posts, and tutorials about it on the Internet, which help you to understand and learn Jenkins.


10.Great user support: With Jenkins, you have an awesome support from the community of great developers across the world. Programmers from Yahoo!, Cloudera, Apture and from many other software development companies work to improve Jenkins.



Final words
Jenkins is an excellent system for your software development and software testing work. It has many benefits such as portability, high-quality documentation, and a great user support. Additionally, it’s open-source, free of cost, easy to install and configure, and highly customizable. These are the main advantages of Jenkins. There are many more advantages of this tool which have made it a favorite tool for software developers and project managers. In a nutshell, Jenkins can make your life a lot easier.

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