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Amazon Web Services is an online application that provides cloud computing solutions. It gives you an array of services that make cloud computing a lot easier. AWS helps you in many areas. For example, it gives you solutions for networking, database, computing, storage, management, analytics, and so on.

There are a huge number of benefits of using AWS, but this post gives you the 5 most important benefits. This post also talks about various AWS services while discussing the benefits


1. Excellent features for managing your infrastructure

AWS has many excellent features that let you manage your infrastructure in many different ways.

  • a. Easy to monitorAmazon CloudWatch performs the monitoring tasks. It lets you monitor several resources.


  • b. Performance management: The service called Trusted Advisor increases the performance of your applications through optimization techniques.


  • c. User activity tracking: AWS CloudTrail allows you to track the activities of different users.


2. Tools and APIs for programmers

AWS provides many tools and APIs for developers. The tools can greatly help you with development tasks and the APIs can let you interact with AWS in the best ways possible.

  1. a. Code management and deployment: AWS CodeCommit helps you with code management. It safely stores your source code in private repositories.AWS CodeDeploy helps you with code deployment. It automates the entire process of deployment.


  • b. Tool for releasing software: AWS CodePipeline is used for releasing a software.


  • c. APIs for accessing and managing your IT infrastructure: Programmers can easily access and manage the infrastructure using the useful APIs provided by AWS.


3. A wide variety of services for various tasks

AWS is so popular because of the services that it has. Some services are mentioned below according to task categories.

  • a. Services for computing tasks: The services that are associated with computing tasks are Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 Container Registry, AWS Lambda, Auto Scaling, etc.


  • b. Services for storage: Services for storage are Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elastic File File System, AWS Storage Gateway, etc.


  • c. Services for database: The services that give you Database solutions are Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamicDB, Amazon Redshift, etc.


  • d. Services for networking: The services for networking are Amazon VPS, Amazon Route 53, AWS Direct Connect, etc.


  • e. IoT services: The services that are related to IoT are AWS IoT, Unique Identity to Each Device, Persistent Device State, etc.


4. Security

AWS provides you with rich security features. With AWS, you are always safe and secure.

  • a. Access control and SSL certificates: The service called AWS Identity and Access Management lets you manage user access easily, and the AWS Certificate Manager service gives you solutions regarding SSL certificates.


  • b. Analysis of application security: Amazon Inspector helps you with security assessment and lets you analyze the security of your applications.


  • c. Firewall:  AWS WAF gives you firewall features. It is useful for filtering bad traffic.


5. AWS support facilities

AWS provides excellent customer support facilities. Consider the following points to learn about AWS support features.

  • a. A Technical Account Manager for you: Whenever you need help, you can contact the Technical Account Manager that has been designated for you.


  • b. Launch help: Whenever you need help launching your products, AWS will serve you with launch help.


  • c. Support regarding account and billing: The Support Concierge that has been assigned for your help gives you support regarding accounting and billing.


  • d. Resource that teaches you about the best practices: AWS Trusted Advisor gives you a helpful resource that talks about the best practices, so you can learn a lot from it.



AWS provides high-quality features for managing your infrastructure. It gives tools and APIs for developers. It has excellent security features, has many useful services, and it provides outstanding support facilities.

One of the computing services offered by AWS is AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda is a front runner in serverless computing services. With Serverless computing, the code execution is entirely managed by the cloud provider. Developers can concentrate on the coding part, and the cloud provider takes care of managing, provisioning and maintaining servers for the code deployment.

Serverless architecture has an automatic scaling feature which helps to reduce the computing and operational costs. Serverless doesn’t require containerization, developers or programmers will write code in the vendor console. Even companies like Netflix, Codepen, Zalora, Coca-Cola, and Nordstrom have embraced AWS serverless.

There is no wonder why there is an increased demand for developers with AWS Lambda skills.

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