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We stand on the brink of the technological revolution that will redefine society and the way we work, play, and live and one the driving forces behind it is the IoT.  We’ve learned throughout the history that embracing industrial revolutions drives economies forward, impacting various industries and creating new opportunities to grow innovation and improve the quality of life. New corporations are born, industries are revitalized, new services emerge, and new job employment opportunities are born. It is a unique moment in human history, and we are a part of it!

Judging by the infographic below provided by Safe at Last, the IoT developments will play an essential role in the largest economic growth in human history. The IoT market keeps growing, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. According to the source, the global IoT market size is expected to grow to $457B by 2020.

The proliferation of the IoT in our communities will affect virtually every industry, but there some sectors, like the healthcare, that are expected to be hit the hardest by these changes.

Most analytics and experts agree that the healthcare industry will benefit the most from adopting IoT solutions. More than any other sector, healthcare apps require data accuracy, and reliability, and that’s where the IoT kicks in – IoT healthcare systems will significantly improve treatment outcomes, and ensure that all patients are better cared for. Also, IoT devices will help cut down expensive clinical and operational inefficiencies by 25%, or $100 billion per year.

The convergence of the physical and the digital world is underway. The technologies that enable IoT are increasingly becoming a core driver of how we do things, redefining the world we are working and living in, and it seems that every industry is nowadays dependent upon IoT.

If these facts sparked your interest, don’t stop reading the infographic – there is more where that came from.




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