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Dramatic modernization of economies ranks alongside the development, proliferating opportunities and it would not be wrong to say that this thriving drive holds its roots somewhere in electronic trading or electronic commerce or more specifically ‘the e-commerce’. The term E-commerce has been around for a while and owing to its unremitting serviceability and cushy practices associated, it has completely transformed and alchemized the moribund fashion of routine business ideas. It has also been observed that the interest of the people has started mushrooming towards online shopping in recent years. Myriads of e-commerce giants are there in the market today vying for their customers’ satisfaction with all that they have got.


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For all it is known, E-commerce is a kind of business where trading of products and services, transmitting of funds and data, everything is facilitated over an electronic network, primarily the internet.

This prodigious execution of business over and across the internet comprises all the major marketing segments which relate business to consumer and consumer to business in every possible aspect that can be envisaged.

It can be safely assumed that this is a digital age and we are living in an era where everything is subjugated and dominated by an electronic network. Our habituation of the internet has in no time turned our dependency into our addiction to it.

During the recent period of time, the main ingredients of marketing, the four P’s of marketing (product, price, place, and promotion) have been made deficient by another ‘P’. This fifth P is vocalized as Personalization, which has assumed monstrous proportions in e-commerce trading recently as it has become a handy tool to accelerate e-commerce sale.


Let us show you the ropes to what it means when we say Personalization in E-commerce

To crown it all, personalization in e-commerce industry has made it transcend the boundaries of traditional business ground rules. Since its inception, Personalization has embraced all the mechanics of electronic business dealings rendering it an across-the-board approach for today’s e-commerce business fraternity. Personalization in e-commerce has literally metamorphosed the pale archaic form of trading into an easy going, smooth and user-friendly drive where inconsiderate routes find no value and place.

What this means for a visitor on these e-commerce platforms is that he would be getting a personalized recommendation in accordance with his browsing and purchasing habits. The purchasing trend for a region is also considered while determining personalized recommendations.


Scheme, Strategy, and blueprints in Personalization

The elementary technique involved in personalization is collaborative filtering in which the pertinent information is gathered to filter out the most relevant data which is to be applied to the e-commerce experience of a customer or a group of customers. Then this data is exposed to some advanced analysis which is responsible for taking care of future interactions with customers. Beyond these, there is one more thing that most and major e-commerce firms bank on is a persistent survey to overlay qualitative data to help better understand the intent and user journey barriers.


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Suppose a visitor logs in from a place in remote India, he or she would get recommendations related to purchase trends of that region. There may be a high chance that traditional clothing is given more priority than western outfits. Also, purchasing range would be within a range which has been obtained by taking into account the spending habits of the customers on the website. Again this is based on the data which is gathered from the purchasing habits of the region as a whole. This would further be narrowed down based on the purchasing habits of the age group and the individual level. Obviously, this would be quite different from the recommendation which is given to a customer from a metro. This concept helps sellers to sell the right product to the right customer and visitor gets to choose from a subset which has carefully trimmed down from a huge catalog.


Personalization – The whole picture

Now let us understand the description of personalization in e-commerce in a simple and facile way.

Personalization is one of the significant means of shaking the brand’s value proposition to heights and to alter the specifications of its USP bar to show different content to new and returning visitors.

Personalization in e-commerce has proven instrumental in bolstering improved customers relationships, increased profits and keep up with customers. These days consumers get more marketing messages than ever before via email, social media, links and maybe through text messages. Sometimes consumers get inundated with unsolicited product marketing calls luring them to avail the benefits given by the traders concerned. This is the rudimentary form of personalization in e-commerce. Basically, it follows the roadmap of one to one marketing where priority is given to consumer’s comfort and ease in product handling, tailoring their needs to their surroundings.


Let’s get on to advance concepts of personalization…

It is important to note that in personalization, some online marketing platforms design their web pages to specifically target each individual consumer, making his needs meet more effectively and efficiently.


Ecommerce Site Suggestion - Amazon.


For example, if you have ever purchased an item say from Snapdeal, the next time you visit their page, you will be greeted and treated in a very friendly manner. Their sale portal will make you feel home and will flavor a personal touch through addressing you by your name. Moreover, you are tendered a few suggestions and some information about the products in stock that they think you might like. For instance, if your item is a book, then you will be offered to buy more books of the same author at hefty discounts. In another case, you may also be proposed some books which some other people have purchased who also bought the book that you had purchased.

Some Online shopping websites also get their bundle offers before you and recommend products with some taglines like ‘people who bought this also bought at the same time’. This packaged representation implies that there is a saving in buying the items together rather than separately. This is perceived as a great maneuver for establishing an understanding between the main products and different trivial accompanying products.

Some online stores use promo banners depending upon how close a visitor is to the store. In these cases there flash glaring announcements all over their web page seeming shout slogans like a free collection from the store if local, free delivery over XYZ amount if located distant from the store etc.

In some other measures adopted, customers are enticed keeping in view their penchant for an inclination to the products purchased and even looked around over and again for some particular period of time. Most e-commerce companies also adduce their recommendations to the customers. In addition, some websites also enable their customers to customize their pages with the selected categories they want to browse. These enriching experiences never let the customers dither on buying from that particular e-commerce website and also let them end up being their potential buyers.



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