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It’s the startups that face the real challenge when working on a new product or software for a market. They have to bring something revolutionary to the table with limited resources and time. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you can definitely relate to the struggle of finding people with the right inclination towards a particular goal.

Shortcuts to obtain faster results might seem to be the rational choice, but it really does come back to us at a later time. The product development will determine the direction and value in the market. Compromising on the quality of the product is the most common mistake a budding entrepreneur makes.

It’s All About Quality!

The success in the market is decided by quality. Higher the quality of the offering, the better is its value in the market. The irony is the fact that better quality requires more resources. The resources of a startup are limited in terms of money and time.

Quality of the product determines the survival of the product in the market. By hiring low-cost developers who do not add much value, we are compromising with the quality of the product or software.

Lousy quality of a product basically means terrible design. These products have to compete with existing models and processes. Therefore, elucidating this point, we can assume that the company gets enough traction and it assimilates enough capital in order to hire a kickass developer.

It’s the developers’ job to improve the existing models and create develop new features which are appreciated by the target audience. These improvements and features cost a lot of resources and time. The cost of subsequent improvement only increases with time.

The resources get stretched really thin and if the product doesn’t improve then it becomes obsolete. A product that’s obsolete will stop generating revenue.

Problems With Outsourcing

Unlike what many people believe but when you are a startup with limited resources and time, it is a bad idea to outsource your development phase or hire an inexperienced person in order to develop your product.

There are many problems when work is outsourced, the most important of them being the quality of the product cannot be monitored in real time. Also, a vendor partner won’t be as motivated towards the goal as you or an in-house team.

You may not even be a priority as the more prominent clients are given more importance compared to smaller ones. One developer might not be working on your project, and the result might not be as expected.

Delaying the Development

If the development is delayed, then the potential market could be lost or they get taken over by the competition. Many companies even after having a decent product just succumb because they are not able to generate enough traction to survive.

Who is Right for Your Startup?

Hiring your dream team might seem out of reach. Don’t worry! They aren’t as far as you think. Growing boundaries of the internet and social media means we now have online platforms where talented developers can meet young entrepreneurs and collaborate towards a unified vision.

Their technical skills may be the sole reason why they are being hired. However, it’s better to talk to the person and get an idea of how the person works. Getting to know the person over the phone or over coffee can help you evaluate his communication skills and other personality aspects.

It’s a right thing to gauge out the skill set of a person with a small assignment and task simulating the routine jobs that your startup does. Along with that, it can be a chance for the team to know each other.

Results are the reason why many investors invest in a company. The developer should have the ability to execute and analyze the results of the project. The deviation from the expected must be understood to improve the existing performance of the product.

How to attract the right Developers?

Hiring a star developer in the initial stages can be a tough job. You could strike up deals with the developer to develop a high-quality product and give him some percentage of the sales, or some share in the company. There are many ways one can deal with these situations.

It’s essential to recruit a good developer in the beginning as he is the one who will be guiding your other developers giving the product a specific direction. Hiring someone when things are already going wrong is not a great idea. After all, creating something amazing from scratch is always a great experience rather than fixing bugs down the lane. The right talent will have more creative liberty if he or she is involved right from the design phase.

Also, clear requirements can save you a lot of money and other valuable resources. Changing requirements may be unavoidable, but should not become a norm.

Some aspects that attract a good developer at a later stage of your startup are a promising growth, excellent product prototype, popularity and acceptance in the market, and stable investors. These are some of the things which can definitely do your job.

The Verdict

With the way how the economy works, we witness many entrepreneurs compromising with the quality of their products. The problem with that is the cost of improving and adding new features is massive. If the products are not upgraded, they become obsolete. And if we choose to outsource for cheaper and faster development, we cannot monitor the progress accurately. We may have delays which would cause loss of market or get taken over by competition.

Having a talented developer onboard can be the differentiating factor. While looking for developers to recruit look for technical skills, communication skills, and the ability to execute. The shortcuts are the long ways and compromising with the product will only hinder your growth.

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