How To Hire A Rock Star Team And Retain It?

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“It takes both sides to build a bridge”. Building a good team is one of the most critical challenges that the founders of startups have to face. So settle in!

“Alone we can do so much little”. Especially if you’re a growing company, you cannot take the workload apart. Keeping up with finance, publicity, Fundraising, and recruiting team members. It’s painful for a single person to look into everything.

Get yourself a team of individuals whose interest align, a team that capable of visualizing your dream and is thoroughly committed to it. To achieve all of that the team must comprise of individuals with skills that are complementary to each other to create synergy through the synchronized effort to produce an outcome that superior to the total sum of individual efforts.

Recruiting: Finding the Pin in a Haystack


Screening hundreds of resumes and interviewing the shortlisted ones is a time-consuming operation and occupies a significant amount of resources. For a company that is barely on its feet, time is money. These are a few things that one must keep in mind while recruiting a team member.

  • Potential

    – As it’s hard to judge a book by its cover, example the Mercy Thompson series. We can’t decide if a person is suitable for a particular job with just their past work experience. The people who can align their goals in developing and growing the company are the best choices in this field.

Questions that reveal essential personality traits, technical and soft skills are required to separate the BS from the reality. Exasperation is a common practice while building a resume making things difficult.

  • The Early Bird

    – As most start-ups start recruiting during the last or angel round of fundraising, it’s already late to build the bond between new teammates as at that moment of time, the production of the finished goods is a priority to get the business started.

Recruiting and fundraising at the same time is a tough choice but it could give enough time for the new team to settle, and it would build better management as the roles are pre-assigned and functional. The results better and efficiency.

  • Tasks and Homework

    – Getting the right talent can also be difficult, so young start-ups are assigning tasks to be selective with recruitment. It’s never wrong to go the extra mile with assignments. It shows perseverance.

  • Increasing the Scope

    – Getting different teams on the recruitment panel will help improve the selection process, as the team’s know what skill set are essential for the team’s operation. It will contribute to the outcome of the team by increasing its performance, in totality the company.

  • Changing Times

    – Recruitment process should be dynamic and adapt according to the requirements of the company. Having flexibility and rewarding people who contribute to the process is a way to encourage more people to understand the policies of the company.

  • Legal Power

    – Once the Candidate is selected, it is right to have a legal contract specific to the privileges and promises the company has guaranteed the candidate. Legal paperwork will boost the confidence of the candidate in the company, which also means protection from fraudulent activities.

Recruiting: The Influence of Technology

Recruiting process becomes smart with the integration of technology. A recent market analysis reveals that popular job portals are almost out of date. The methods of hiring people are revolutionized with the help of algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

As the conventional method of hiring is to wait for the perfect candidate to apply, some startups are trying to bypass the waiting part. These companies have developed algorithms and codes that tap into social talent data and use predictive analysis to find the right candidate for the job.

With the growing need for qualified coders and engineers, there are pools of highly skilled coders which invite coders from across the country to participate in Hackathons to flaunt off their skills. There’s also an automated skill test that intends to reduce the quantity of time put in looking for coders and screen the right candidates for a company by the requirements that the company outlines.

Work Culture: Happiness Around Us

If the employees are happy, the customers are satisfied. It means that your business is also on the path of sustainable growth and profit. Goliaths like Google or Twitter are companies with benchmark amenities and work culture. Here’s how they do it.

  • Having a purpose to believe will help. People love to work in a place where they know they are serving a higher purpose.
  • Protect your employees. Conducting training to develop a sense of safety and responsibility has made dangerous industries, a happy place to work.
  • To create empowerment and freedom among the employees, let the opinion of staffs be considered. It is a way to improve their confidence and morale.
  • If you depend on people to excel in competitive fields, it’s always favorable to encourage people by giving credit where it’s due. Office outings could help with the bonding of teammates.
  • Finally, Trust is the building block of all teams and the team is just as strong as its weakest member. Trust in your employees and help each other improve and grow.

These may be difficult goals to reach in an established organization and its implementation takes time. However, it’s easier to achieve in a startup because the scale is small and the management is flexible.

The Verdict

It all comes down to depending on people you trust to help realize your dreams. But finding the people can be a difficult job which needs to be done right. Having a head start on the team may not be a bad idea, giving us more time to bond and form the synergy that leads to growth. Having the right work culture is also a priority because it plays a crucial role in the amount of time an employee chooses to work there.

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