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Learning About Learning

Education has been the cornerstone of civilization for ages. Be it Arts, Science or any other field whatsoever; human beings have always been keen to know as much as they possibly could. Curiosity has been the driving force behind many monumental discoveries and innovations. Human beings want to learn about everything, including learning itself.

Learning Sciences is the study of how human beings learn, teaching methods and approach. This field is concerned with increasing the quality of Education by applying innovative techniques and alterations to the existing protocols to enhance the productivity of the teacher as well as the capabilities of the student. This area is the ultimate example of a self-sufficient field.

Learning Sciences: Building on Itself

Learning Science is a field as old as Learning itself, yet as new as the present. It is ever evolving and continuously builds upon itself.

Whatever we learn is used to improve the way we learn things. A new concept, invention, discovery or even an improvement paves the way to a massive influx of information and the means to process and convey this data; the latter from Learning Sciences.

Foundations of Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences is an interdisciplinary sector. It aims at the improvement of Learning Methods and the introduction of Learning Solutions to create a better education system and improve the outcomes.

The fields that contribute to Learning Sciences include Linguistics, Computer Science, Communication, Data Analytics, and Psychology and so on. These fields contribute in many ways, from coming up with new ways to learn and teach to doing assessments tailor-made for individuals.

Technology has been a major player in the field of Learning Sciences. Even the most essential parts of the modern-day schooling involve applications of Technology. And the latest innovations are doing the same.

Innovations in Learning Sciences: A Flashback

The Written Word, the Paper, the Printing Press, and many other inventions were the building blocks upon which Modern World was built. This was also a result of Science and Education. Therefore, they became the building blocks upon which the Education of the future was built on.

Books, The School System, and many other revolutionary ideas were also responsible for changing the face of the modern world. These were a result of scientific advancements propagated through education and hence became vital to knowledge itself.

We can see how Learning Sciences has stayed true to its form as an independent sector, as it kept building on itself and grew over the course of time.

Technology in Learning Sciences

Technology is a result of Education, Research and Innovative thinking. Being a child of Education, it has always been a driving force behind the modernization of the Schooling sector.

From Paper and Pen to Computers and Phones, every significant development in new Technology has given back to Education. While some, like the Pen, offers apparent applications, others choose to hide behind a veil of obscurity, powering a sector, or providing services backstage.

Technology and Education have always gone hand in hand, the improvement in one powering the other. The same is true for learning and Learning Sciences. The current focus of Learning Sciences is Student-Centric Education.

Student-Centric Education

The current system of education across the world follows a curriculum which is applicable for all students studying under it. The curriculum lays down the courses and methods of study, which are taught by teachers. It does not take into account the individual needs, interests or abilities of students.

There is a growing need for student-centric education, which keeps the student as the primary regulator of their learning, as they are the target of every schooling system. A Student-Centric Education System has several salient features, the key one involving customization of the syllabus to the lowest level to suit the needs of a student.

Learning Sciences and Student Centric System

It is common knowledge that one has a had time studying something one is not interested in. That being the case, many students fall behind in their academic performance as the subjects don’t pique their interests.

This situation is where Student-Centric Education plays a vital role. Once a student is targeted or put in charge of their studies, the subjects they take up will be according to their interests.

EdTech and Learning

Education Technology refers to the application of Modern Day Technology to the Education Sector. This can be aimed at improving the quality of teaching, learning, new teaching aids, methods of schooling, testing, evaluation, or any number of services associated with education.

Almost all technology has some direct or indirect application in Education. Some offer features like Digital Classrooms and Learning from Home, while others are concerned with storing and issuing certificates.

Learning Sciences focus on those applications that are exclusively concerned with improving the quality of learning or teaching. They work from either or both ends of the teacher-student link to increase and enhance the Learning Outcomes.

Learning Online

Learning Online provides a massive boost to the effort of Learning Sciences to make education more accessible and more productive. The student can now learn from the comforts of their own home, at their own pace. They are also able to study in their own time without going to classrooms, which prove to be a hassle for many students.

The idea behind Online Learning is to create a Student-driven, Student-driven educational practice. Learning material, tests, and results are provided to the students and assistance is also given to them at their preference. Each student is in complete control of their Curriculum. Online Education is one of those ideas that can indeed bring about a student-centric education system.

The Verdict

In today’s world, knowledge is power. And teaching is just as outstanding as learning to create a knowledgeable generation. This scenario shines the spotlight on the importance of Learning Sciences, the study of learning itself.

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