Feedback Loops: A Bulletproof Mechanism




Managing a business can be a lot of hassle for even the most experienced ones in the field. There are so many things to take care of it so little time, and everything has to come together perfectly for it to work.

The success of a business relies on many factors, and all these elements are interdependent. The combined action of these variables determines the degree of success of a company. For this, the factors that determine these variables must work cohesively and cooperatively.

Increasing and Improving Your Output

The rawest form of the Business Success Mantra is to release the best possible output in the least time. These two things contradict each other often. Good things take time, and work put together fastly usually lacks in quality.

Herein lies the importance of Optimization. When you have two factors essential for success, and these factors are inversely related, you rely on optimization. There is some point at which both elements are balanced and at this ratio, you gain the best output.

Other than optimizing, many methods are there to improve one of these factors without adversely affecting the other. Implementing these methods to enhance one doesn’t mean that the other is unaffected. Instead, it just says that the element we aren’t improving is comparatively less affected by this change.

Coordination Between Departments

Generally speaking, any company that releases a product has many departments working on the research, development, production, testing, marketing and sales of the product. This principle is true for companies that provide services as well.

These departments are usually independent in functioning. However, there has to be a set amount of understanding and coordination between these teams. The communication between these teams helps to improve the product.


Feedback is defined as data that describes or judges a product based on the experience of the user. The user can be a customer, someone who tested the product or someone involved in developing it. Feedback involves the real-life application and use of the product in the general or a simulated environment and then analyzing its functioning to find flaws, defects or unwanted elements.

Constructive feedback helps to improve a product and make it more useful for the customer. Feedback can be on any aspect of the product, from looks to functioning to ergonomics. This judgment is essential to improve upon the product and release the best possible item.

Feedback Loops

Feedback Loops are usually set up between departments of a company which are intimately related to product development. Feedback Loops gained popularity from its widespread use associated with DevOps principles in the Software industry. As the name would suggest, this is a two-way road of information in the form of feedback.

Feedback loops are steadily active and continuously transferring information between departments working together. Here, various activities related to product innovation and creation collaborate in an effective manner to give the best possible output.

Product Development: Old School Edition

Product Development is a process which involves many teams working on different fronts related to creating a product. These teams include the Research, Development, Operations, Testing and so on.

Traditionally, these teams are linked in a chain fashion, adding their work to the product one after another. It means that an idea from Research Division that passes it to Development, and after the entire thing is complete, Testing and Operation get their hands on it.

This chain of development was thought to be the best form of product development despite its many drawbacks. In this method, the error in one department has a chance to stay dormant and not be revealed until the final stages of production. These mistakes are exposed when the product fails or functions inadequately.

By this point, the product would’ve been at a stage where scrapping it would be disadvantageous. However, companies are forced to scrap it as selling poor merchandise is worse.

Feedback Loops in Product Development

Feedback Loops are a boon to most companies. They save a lot of time, money and energy by helping the employees correct their mistakes and do their job better at every step.

The companies do it by maintaining a continuous, bilateral line of communication between departments. The other departments monitor the progress of a unit at each step. Developers correct the errors that may be the plan then and there. By ensuring that everyone is updated on the current status of work, this system can help reduce the wastage of time, money and labor by minimizing errors.

Feedback Between Departments

Feedback between departments happens at each step of the way. These Feedback Loops ensure that the actions taken by one of the teams are monitored and tested by the other. Problems may occur for the product due to this step in any department, be it Development, Operations, Marketing or otherwise. These problems can now be identified and tackled instantaneously.

Feedback Loops also help employees understand the value of teamwork, cooperation and seeing the big picture. Everyone concerned with the product thinks of the endgame, and this is what drives the work forward. They perceive beyond the short-term goals and into the future, envisioning the final look of their product.

DevOps: A Glowing Example

A place where Feedback loops have been tried, tested, and proven to be successful is the Software Sector, in a new protocol called DevOps. Devops preaches the idea of enabling two teams of a software company, Development and Operations, to work closely together in the development of a new product.

Feedback loops are critical to DevOps, as they relay messages between the teams at every stage of development. This setup ensures that the product delivered is the best regarding satisfying the needs of the end user.

DevOps have resulted in these products being more customer oriented, due to the collaboration of Operations and Development teams. It is evident that this will spread to other sectors as well.

The Verdict

Feedback loops offer many advantages that just can’t be overlooked. They are simple yet incredibly beneficial, helping the users take simple steps to increase productivity and efficiency by a tremendous margin.

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