Cloud Computing & Digital Transformations: Going Digital With Cloud


Cloud Computing

Digital Transformation: Staying Relevant

Information rules the world today. Cyberspace dictates not only the big picture but also the aspects and the pace of day to day life of ordinary people. In such a scenario, every field faces the option of adapting to the Internet or disappearing forever.

In this situation, companies have to do something so that their businesses can thrive in the digital age. It means adopting new technologies and methods to improve services, or expanding their operations to an online platform.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, which started of as an online storage facility has evolved into a multifaceted piece of technology that can influence and revolutionize almost any sector. The applications of this particular technology seem to be popping up in nearly every single field of employment, from small-scale businesses to National Security.

Cloud is an unavoidable innovation for businesses looking to digitize their enterprise. There are mainly three ways in which Cloud Computing can help a company establish itself in the Cyber realm.


Storage was the primary function of Cloud Computing and gave it the popularity as an innovation that can affect the day to day lives of a person. Cloud is used as a backup storage area for phones and computers, with Tech Giants like Google and Apple providing storage space in off-site servers. After a fixed amount of free storage space, you can buy or rent the rest.

Companies can do the same, storing their data in an archived format, paying only for the space that they use. This service is beneficial to the company regarding expenses, mobility a, d security.

Monetary Benefits

Cloud Storage for big data such as the data generated from businesses is cheaper than conventional storage. Here, there is no cost of buying storage devices or maintaining them.

Mobility and Security

Mobility is perhaps the most significant advantage that Cloyd offers. The data on the cloud can be accessed and modified from multiple access points and edited securely. The reason Mobility and Security are mentioned hand in hand is due to one usually bringing down the other.

However, Cloud brings an amalgamation of Mobility and Security which is the best option for most companies, which makes Cloud Storage a no-brainer for companies. The capability of being a Multi-Point Accessibility Storage along with the Security capabilities make it the most flexible yet reliable system in the market.

Database Services

It is the second category of services provided by Cloud. Many Cloud Service Providers focus on using Cloud as a platform to be used instead of conventional hardware and software. A Cloud Database can get rid of many issues faced by regular users and also boost the efficiency of the processes.

Cloud-based systems are more agile and flexible than conventional ones. Due to their flexibility, many operational obstacles such as Configuration, Provisioning, Optimisation, storage and backup, updates and such can be avoided. It is also easier to operate across all common platforms, as there are next to no issues regarding hardware and software compatibility, performance and scalability and also requires very little technical expertise. The monetary expense is also lower in this case.

However, this area of service is mainly provided by big names in the industry and is not as widespread as the previous one.

Big Data

Big Data Analytics has become a valuable player. Previously notorious for its complexity, modern systems can now extract and analyze Big Data pumped out by any processes. This data plays a crucial role in studying the processes associated with it.

Big Data Analytics can gain crucial information on how that data came to be, the underlying processes, factors affecting those processes and the projected results. These studies help in Optimisation of a process, statistical analysis, market study, research, advertising and even sales of the product. Big Corporations, as well as small companies, can use this to their advantage.

Cloud in Big Data

Cloud, as a storage and analysis platform, is the perfect suit for handling Big Data. The terabytes of information created from the infinite processes of infinite users can be instantly stored, updated and even studied via Cloud Computing. The results of these studies can also be shared through the same channel.

Results of Big Data Analytics can help improve all parts of operation from Research and Modelling to Sales and Services.

Cloud: Getting Started

There are big names like Google and AWS that offer Cloud-based Big Data Analytics, and these are accessible to any companies willing to pay a small price. This initial cost can bring mobility, efficiency and security to your sector, all the while giving you a boost for your leap into the world of the Internet.

Cloud Services are offered by many companies including big names like Google, Amazon and so on. These services are designed for companies looking to exploit the Cyberspace but cannot, due to limited resources. Ideas like Cloud Servers and Cloud-based apps give many enterprises the opportunity to use cutting edge technology without having to invest too much in Hardware, Maintenance and other areas.

For example, a Cloud-based server is run and maintained by experts, but are used by a variety of companies. These enterprises may not have the capital to get a server set up for themselves, or they know how to maintain this, which makes it difficult for them to digitize their business. However, a Cloud-based server instantly destroys all such issues.

The same goes for other cutting edge and latest technology used in Cloud Computing. The leading example for this is Blockchain, which can also be run on Cloud.

Cloud: A Road to the Rest of the Internet

Cloud is capable of functioning as a platform for various other digital programs to work. Servers, new technologies, and all similar ideas that require a set amount of investment and technical knowledge can be taken online using Cloud Computing. This makes these innovations more accessible to all and encourages digitization of businesses. Cloud Computing is the first and the most crucial step to a long journey towards digitization.

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