IT Infrastructure Deployment And Setup- The Backbone Of A Smooth-Running Enterprise

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Infrastructure is a framework that supports an organization or a system. Information Technology Infrastructure or IT Infrastructure involves both physical and virtual components that assist the flow, storage, and processing of information that is vital for the proper functioning of the business. IT Infrastructure can be in many forms and can be broadly classified as centralized; like a Data Centre or the main database present in a single physical facility on-premise, or a Decentralised system like a Cloud-based Service procured on a subscription-based model.

Basics of IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure has mainly two kinds of components –  The physical component and the virtual component.

The physical component involves power sources, building elements, storage subsystems, networking devices like routers, optical fibre cables, antennas and so on. These constitute mostly the hardware and the support systems for IT Infrastructure.

The rest of the infrastructure constitutes the virtual IT infrastructure. This includes a lot of programming to integrate and run the physical components. Virtual components also include websites, portals, online security mechanism, and so on.

The Growing Relevance of IT Infrastructure

Today every successful enterprise has an online presence which handles a significant portion of their business. Some of these enterprises, like Google, Facebook and Amazon are almost exclusively virtual. Just like companies in a real market requires physical assets and infrastructure, industries in the digital world requires IT Infrastructure and a lot of it. After all, it’s the backbone of their business.

Moreover, virtual business for any new player is relatively new. They are still green in this sector and require a firm ground to stand on before they can grow. This foundation is laid by the deployment and setup of IT infrastructure.

Even industries in the core sector are getting increasingly automated which requires a stable IT infrastructure for the latest technology to be leveraged.

Just imagine the amount of investment and the opportunities for a skilled professional!

IT Infrastructure Deployment and Setup

IT infrastructure deployment refers to the planning and execution of a series of steps to change the target system or environment and create a IT infrastructure backbone for a business. These are called deployment plans.

The changes that a deployment plan aims to bring about are crucial to achieving the goals of the company, and the proper execution of these plans are necessary for success.

There’s huge opportunity in this field.

The Job

A job in IT infrastructure deployment and setup demands a skillset to setup and update the IT Infrastructure of your employer. You will need in-depth knowledge about network architecture, security, log monitoring, and many other aspects of IT infrastructure. As many companies are either getting established or interested in setting up IT infrastructure, this sector will never run out of jobs anytime soon. The perks and the pay are also good, and steadily rising as well.

Future Scope: An Analysis

IT Infrastructure is a growing industry which has its sights set in affecting all other sectors. Every business needs an online presence to survive today, and that’s where IT Infrastructure serves its purpose. As an industry, full of professionals who work to ensure an online presence for companies, they are never short of demand. This demand can be attributed to many reasons.

The growing economy has businesses expanding its services beyond the physical world to a virtual one. This has caused a rise in the number of services available online and the number of people using them. This has created a demand for similar services, resulting in many companies with a strong presence in the real world expanding to a virtual one. These companies need to be set up online just like they started offline. This work is the setup and deployment of IT infrastructure.

Major Players in the Sector

Many companies hire competent professionals in this sector. The list of IT Infrastructure service providers includes giants like Google, Cisco, and HP, and also small players for smaller projects. These giants always look out for professionals in this sector.

The Job Requirements

Most companies in this sector ask for proficiency in the digital side of IT Infrastructure, and that too in Cloud. Firms like Google and Amazon favor cloud-based infrastructure, which is preferred by businesses due to its flexibility, decentralized nature, lesser cost, and virtual presence. In addition to specific degrees, they usually also look for the following qualifications.

Conceptual Knowledge of Components

Some of the components that make up any IT Infrastructure setup includes Server, Storage, Network, Data, Cloud, EUC, and others. Understanding these is essential to being a part of a successful deployment team.

Project Management Skills

Since IT infrastructure deployment and setup involves planning and execution, it also needs good project management skills.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are a must ingredient for your success. Since there will be many discussions, meetings, and presentations, a good grasp of the English language is essential. Depending on the region of service, you may also need to learn another language. You will also require good presentation and communication skills.

Legal Awareness

This is something that is necessary for everyone. You must be aware of the rules and laws regarding Intellectual Property, Data Sharing, Privacy, and Contracts. Other regulations related to the IT Sector will also have to be studied, to make sure that your work stays within the confines of the law.

Other than these, you will also have different job requirements that you need to fulfill, which generally includes experience in the field, multitasking, and other personality traits which might give you an edge.

Perks of the Job

The jobs in IT Infrastructure are quite rewarding. Professionals in this sector are generally happy with the pay, the perks, and the work-life balance. There is never any scarcity of opportunities, and the industry is always growing, expanding, and looking for more and better people. You get to be a part of an industry that offers you room to improve as well as the chance to earn and grow.

The Verdict

The IT sector never fails to innovate and amaze. Infrastructure deployment and setup sector is also doing a great job in creating more opportunities aimed at the future.

Invest in your future today!

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