EdTech: From Theory to Reality

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EdTech – An Overview

Technology finds itself to be a blessing in many fields. All sectors have adopted technology to their benefit. This includes using them to do processes that were done by human beings in the early times. There are also processes that are now entirely dependent on technology. It forms the backbone of any industry.

Education Technology or EdTech is the practice of adopting cutting-edge technology into the Education Sector. The use of this technology can be in the area of Teaching, Self Study, Tests or some other fields.

EdTech on Paper

Theoretically, EdTech sounds and functions fantastically. The concepts and the ideas are flawless and are capable of revolutionizing the face of Education. The areas under consideration are many, from all fields of science.

Computational Thinking, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and many other novel ideas show promise as EdTech prospects. They serve in various parts of the industry, involved in Teaching, Student-Teacher Relation, Learning Assistance, Management, Examinations and so on. EdTech promises to usher in a bright and prosperous future when executed correctly.

Even out on the field, EdTech is performing well. Innovative ideas and practices powered by EdTech are taking over. Here are a few such instances.

Practical EdTech: Baby Steps

EdTech shows great promise in a purely theoretical scenario. In the real world, however, the adaptation of cutting edge technology in Education poses several challenges regarding feasibility, practicality, economic prospects and so on. However, this does not mean that EdTech is entirely hopeless.

The primary reason for EdTech to not develop as fast as it should be growing is the slowness with which developments go on the real world. To install a 3D Holographic Projector in a school alone poses challenges that raise time to overcome.

The progress of EdTech in the real world, however, has shown that the scenario isn’t entirely hopeless or theoretical. There are more than a few instances of breakout stars in this field. Here are a few of those.

Insert Learning

Insert Learning is a browser extension app that is easy to use and proves to be a very reliable means of turning anything online into a lesson. This tool allows you to create chapters out of web pages, complete with your addition of content, questions or even remarks. The readings can be assigned using Google Classroom or unique codes.

It starts out as an extension to your Google Chrome browser. Once you’ve found a web page that you want your students to learn, you can highlight content, add notes and even attach questions. You can also add links to other content using this extension.

The teacher can also track the progress of the student from a Dashboard. Student responses and interactions arrive here as notifications. This is a great help to teachers who want to make their lessons dynamic and up to date.


Flipgrid is the most talked about app in EdTech of the past year. And for a good reason too, as the relatively simple idea yields excellent results once you put it to practice.

This platform is like a video blogging site. Here, teachers can post queries or questions, to which students can respond to using short videos. It’s an innovative way to get the students to do a pseudo-public interaction on a topic. They can also react to the videos of their peers.

The benefit here is twofold. Not only that the problems are solved in a better, more interactive way, but it also doubles as a speaking and presentation exercise, that develops technical as well as soft skills simultaneously.


The name is self-explanatory, in this case. Bookcreator is a tool that can be used for teachers and students alike to create and publish books online. This app is very flexible and involves a multitude of features that make them useful in a variety of situations.

The templates come in a variety of layouts, from strict comic panels for those who want the regularity of content, to a completely blank page. The book can also contain custom fonts, stickers and even links to another website. Audio and video also play on the pages, which turn like real ones.

Once a book is made, it can be published digitally, or stored in a private library just for the user. The tool is also useful for teachers who want their students to have a more personalized and interactive experience.


Autodraw is an easy to use alternative to conventional digital drawing platforms. Along with visual designing, this platform also supports nonlinguistic representation, visualization, and dual coding.

The platform has an auto-complete feature to help the user draw easy. When sketching is going on, this feature offers options or guesses as to what the user is trying to sketch. The choices help the user to complete their designs quickly and accurately.

The tool uses AI and Pattern Recognition and is a prime example of cutting-edge technology used in EdTech.


Edmodo is an online platform for teachers, students and parents. Here, all the stakeholders in the education of a child can come and work together towards the common goal.

The site acts as a virtual world, where one can quickly create groups, start discussions, conduct classes, assign homework and even test and evaluate students on their progress. Edmodo offers unlimited space and interactive experience for the users, giving the concerned users full control over their virtual classroom.


This website is an online platform for teachers. Here, teachers can find lesson plans, games, tests and other content for their classes.

The Verdict: Virtual Learning and EdTech

Ironically enough, EdTech in the real world is used to incorporate the benefits of the virtual world into Education. Most of the developments and concepts that gain popularity focus on Online Education.

Online Education is a blessing in many ways. It is how education is reaching those places where it couldn’t get to before. In short, EdTech is helping Education reap the benefits of the Internet.

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