Switching to Cloud: A Step Towards Going From Small To Big Business

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Cloud Computing is proving to be extraordinarily disruptive and revolutionary to almost all industries that apply it to themselves, by being a relatively simple yet versatile resource. Nearly every industry can benefit from integrating Cloud into their protocols, be it as a storage location, database, platform or for big data analysis.

However, Cloud has been disproportionately more popular among big names than small businesses. Giants of all sectors are pouring capital into Cloud Computing applications, and small companies seem to be holding back in this aspect.

There are many ways in which simple steps can be taken to exploit the applications of Cloud Computing by a small or medium scale firm. These steps come with huge perks, both regarding sudden boosts and long-term benefits. Here are a few added advantages of Cloud Computing.


The main feature that attracts enterprises to Cloud is the Mobility that it offers. Cloud Computing can be used to store the data you want online in an offsite server and access it via another access point, which brings many benefits to small businesses. It can act as a platform for applications and programs to run, a remote database and also support Big Data Analytics.

All these processes are done with the help of offsite servers, which means it can be accessed by multiple devices without any dedicated hardware. The same work that you do on your office PC can be accessed via your home computer or even your smartphone. The same program which you worked on there can be used here as well since it runs on a Cloud platform and not in the system itself. The same goes for Data Analytics.

As it is evident from this, Cloud reduces a lot of restrictions that people have when it comes to working. It is necessarily a bridge that ties work to the person rather than the system. If you have the access, then you can take your data literally anywhere.

Cloud also reduces the expense on part of small companies to build and maintain their Digital resources. They are now able to gain the benefits of having them. Virtual access to such resources makes it much easier for them to conduct business.

Cloud Storage


Storage is one of the primary functions of Cloud Computing and was initially the reason for its popularity. Cloud was widely accepted as a remote storage and a backup program. A majority of Cloud-related applications, especially the ones involving smartphones used Cloud for storing backup information. However, as time progressed this morphed into more innovative and productive uses.

Data Transfer and Work Sharing

Work Sharing is a general way of using cloud and focuses on sharing of data and its progress. As the data is stored remotely and accessed online, anyone with proper credentials can access this information. It makes the cloud a powerful tool that professionals can use to share their work.

Cloud as a Platform is a standard service, which can also be extended to use Cloud as a shared platform. A team working together on a project can now coordinate digitally and combine their efforts. Cloud can be used as a shared digital workstation where they can consolidate their efforts. It helps to bring about coordination and continuity for their work, also eliminating the effort it takes to communicate every time there is a change in the state of the project.

Cloud Services

Cloud in and of itself is not the only thing that can be adopted by companies. Many services that are Cloud powered can also be used in their business. Cloud Computing is offered to companies in a wide variety of forms, all of which are remarkably beneficial. Some of these services are brand new, whereas others are an alternative to conventional operations.

Cloud Services for small businesses can come in a variety of levels and forms, providing different things. At the lowest level, there are key Cloud provisions of Infrastructure, providing pre-installed and configured Hardware and Software via a virtualized medium. They also offer Platforms, Software, Backup, and even Data Analytics Services. Cloud-based Services are enormous boosts to small businesses because of their virtual access provision.

Cloud Servers: Boosting Business Capabilities

Cloud Servers are incredibly beneficial for a small business. Every firm in this day and age need to be active online for a variety of reasons. It is crucial to be powerful enough to maintain an online presence, as the internet has now become more than just for publicity.

As the web becomes more and more integrated into the daily lives of people it becomes more of a deciding factor for business success. This situation calls for having your dedicated server. It is a basic necessity to be successful.

Cloud-based servers for small businesses are the best way for them to exploit the potential of the Internet with minimal hassle. It is difficult for small enterprises to have and maintain their dedicated server onsite, and this is where Cloud Servers come in.

They are offsite servers linked and leased out via Cloud. People who need servers for their small business can use them via Cloud. This application not only gets rid of the problem of owning and the hassle of maintaining a server but also allows the company to take advantage of the Internet resources fully.

In a world where the big names have an entire server farm for themselves, Cloud-based servers for small businesses are their way of scaling up.  


Cloud is an incredibly disruptive technology that can be adopted across all sectors and all scales of business, especially in small and medium-sized companies utilizing Cloud Services can give you an edge over your competitors. These services can potentially make your company a front-runner, or even scale it up to the mainstream.

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