iCloud Enterprise Edition: The Time is Now

Apple has always been a forerunner in Innovation. Known for its cutting-edge security features and unparalleled performance parameters, Apple is the undisputed global leader in technology.

Concerning usage, all top ten mobile devices used for business enterprises belong to Apple. With the iPhone and the iPad dominating this sector, Apple faces little competition from other companies.

Taking it to the Next Level

However, Apple still has a lot of room to improve in this sector. Even though Apple’s hardware and performance are unmatched, it still lags with regards to the services it provides to increase mobility, which can be achieved using one of the most underused features of Apple, the iCloud.

All of Apple’s modern devices have the feature of iCloud. It helps users backup the data from their device into the cloud and is extremely helpful for Apple users as most Apple devices do not come with an expandable internal storage. For personal users, iCloud is mainly for freeing up space on their iPhone or iPad. It’s a backup storage space for their content.

However, Cloud has another potential that is more relied on in enterprises and the business sector. This has less to do with the storage space and more to do with mobility that Cloud offers. Apple iCloud, as it is designed for personalized use, focuses more on storage and less on mobility, functioning as more of a backup storage locker than a mailbox.

The Scope of Apple iCloud Enterprise

Due to these limitations of iCloud, Apple users tend to rely on apps like Dropbox for business purposes. The lack of an in-house alternative indicates the need for Apple to develop a version of iCloud targeting such users. This niche is where iCloud Enterprise can thrive.

Apple can be capable of offering an iOS Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions that helps thousands of businesses which leverage the iOS platform. The fact that so many companies prefer Apple is the testimony to their success and iCloud enterprise edition can help them further expand their legacy.

Business Mobility Management in the Modern Era

The advent of smartphones has changed every aspect of human life, and businesses are no different. Companies no longer need an office to be full of employees. Working from home is a common thing, and connectivity is easier than before.

Mobility and connectivity are of supreme importance to all businesses. In the current era, the speed with which you share your information makes all the difference. It determines the workload shared, productivity, and success. Any company would invest to improve in this aspect as this involves their success as well.

iCloud Enterprise and Mobility

Apple is the first choice for companies in the mobile devices sector. This preference is primarily because of the appeal that the brand has concerning technological advancement, security, and efficiency. Apple has proved to be a brand that lives up to its claims and always delivers from a performance standpoint. Adding mobility to this can further increase their footprint in the industry.

An iCloud Enterprise Management solution will attract plenty of customers. As a company which controls a lion’s share of mobile devices market, an in-house iOS enterprise management solution offers compatibility with these devices. The nature of the program as a system built for these particular devices make it more preferred among the users of that device.

Apple for Enterprises

Apple has a lot of features that make use of cutting-edge technology, but they are mostly optimized for individual users and not enterprises. This scenario gives them a lot of room to improve and provide these features tuned for better enterprise mobility management. Cloud, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and even the recently introduced feature of Augmented Reality holds untapped potential.

The Scope of iCloud Enterprise Mobility Management

The traditional features of iCloud can be optimized, and more features can be added to make a segment more suited for iCloud Enterprise. Since companies tend to pay more for better services, this will not only result in increased revenue but also improved customer satisfaction and a massive boost in popularity.

The current system focuses on raw storage capacity, and auto backup features aimed at personal users. However, there are many other features of iCloud or Cloud in general that Apple can offer.

Shared iCloud Accounts

Shared accounts or project focused accounts can be offered as a part of this package, using the ability of Cloud to function as a common database for an activity. Offering an iCloud Enterprise mobility solution with shared account feature will allow all Apple users to collaborate through this platform.

Added Options for Siri

Siri employs Machine Learning features to act as a virtual assistant. The most popular use of Siri is as a voice-activated system that answers questions and performs various functions.

This can be further expanded and made more focused on business functions, such as checking the stock market, customer satisfaction, and so on. Using proper backend providers, Siri can be made more powerful and capable of performing like a business-oriented program.

The Verdict: Business as Unusual

Apple has a reputation for innovating and setting trends. They have revolutionized everything they have been a part of mostly due to its founder and renowned innovator Steve Jobs. However, they seem to fall behind in terms of enterprise services.

Despite Apple having the largest share of mobile devices used by businesses, they fail to see the opportunities and capitalize on them. This has to change, and there is no time better than today. With companies catching up to Apple in the area of smartphone devices, it is high time Apple comes up with a superior innovation which can further strengthen its position as the market leader. iCloud Enterprise can prove to be just that.

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