10 Must Have Qualities of a Tech Startup Founder – Are You the Next Influencer?

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Technology is setting the world abuzz today. Technology now assists all industries, new and old. In this age, innovative ideas and products are always being released and in demand. This demand is the main reason for so many tech startups flooding the market.

However, with so many companies and products flooding the market, you need to be the best to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your business gets the prime cut of the industry. Here are the top ten traits that set apart an entrepreneur in the Technology sector.


In a sector like technology where the dynamics fluctuate almost instantaneously, you need to have a proper plan of action and backup. A good leader can foresee the big picture and the way that leads to the goal.

Without vision, a company would merely be drifting with the currents without making any headway. Innovations are coming up every day in the field of technology, so there is a good chance that a startup may get distracted. The desire to work in multiple areas at the same time may arise, and this may compromise its existing position and goals.

Eyes on target is a must for an entrepreneur to succeed.


Once you can visualize the goal, the next step is to focus on it. The idea is what started the company; the vision is what keeps it in the right direction and focus is what keeps it going.

A good entrepreneur must concentrate on the path as well as the destination. He should be able to predict possible hurdles and offer solutions for those as well. Knowing possible obstacles could be a great asset in preparing your company to face them and also coming up with innovative solutions to overcome them.


This is what helps the entire sector to stay afloat. Same principles applied to different problems create a variety of applications that lead to innovative solutions. Innovation is something that every entrepreneur must embrace.

As an entrepreneur, innovation is the lifeline of your company. Developing and upgrading your products, creating new solutions to age-old problems and many other benefits come out of change. And that should be the goal of the company to succeed.


Technology is a field that is always in flux, in which old things go obsolete and newer versions pop up every day. To hold on and not lose traction in such a dynamic field, one must always be up to date with the latest news.

Innovators in the field of technology face new inventions and developments every day, and each one of those presents them with either a challenge or an opportunity. These new developments can only be used in the right way by someone who is educated and up to date in his learning.

As a techie, one can never stop learning as every instance presents you with more to study and work with. This is a must for entrepreneurs if they do not want to lag behind.

Application Level Knowledge


Technological Innovation has two sides. The underlying principle, as well as the application of the said principle. The application is the side, which an entrepreneur has to be aware of.

For your product, you consider a fundamental technological principle or concept, and you apply it to a problem. This creates a physical solution to the problem, which you can later sell as your product.

Here, the application of the principle is crucial. Everything may look good on paper and in simulations, but there is always room for error in the physical form. Therefore, you should be able to map out the working and correlate the principle to the physical solution. This takes knowledge beyond what you may get in books and requires experience as well as insight.

Field Specific Knowledge

For a techie, there are a lot of areas to explore. However, once you focus on being an entrepreneur, you have to dedicate yourself to your company. The firm and the product gets priority and should be treated with that kind of attention.

For running a successful firm, you have to gather knowledge on the specific aspects of the technology associated with your company and your product. That small subset of technology must become your object of focus. Master your playing field, and you have already won half the game.


This is what drives the entrepreneur. Passion helps the entrepreneur to find the will to keep going in times of adversity, and the level-headedness to be better in the times of prosperity. For a passionate innovator, the work itself is the highest high.

Passion is something that goes a long way in helping you achieve success. It is what attracts people and adds to your charm. It also enables you to keep grinding without ever feeling tired or depleted.


Technology is a dynamic sector, and the success curve is as varied and turbulent as the sector itself. You may be hit suddenly by adversity or competition and lose. The chance of everything changing in just a day is very real. This is where persistence comes in handy.

You have to be able to take setbacks and treat them as learning experiences instead of failures. You also have to build on these failures and carve your niche out to succeed. This needs a lot of persistence.

Networking Skills

This is necessary for every entrepreneur. But especially in technology, where information is critical, you must have a good network of connections and sources to get the information that you need on time.


This is a fundamental quality, but one that is essential. Staying humble despite achievements will not only get your friends and supporters but also help you deal with any possible setbacks better.

The Verdict

These are the TOP TEN SKILLS NEEDED FOR A TECHNOLOGICAL ENTREPRENEUR. The right mix of these can create success stories.

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