Personalized Learning – The Need of the Hour




Personalized Learning is what the phrase implies – a learning tailor-made to suit the needs and interests of an individual.

There are many faces to personalized learning, which involves the customization of one or more aspects of education; the content, method of instruction, pace of study, and other factors that regulate the educational environment.

Branches of Personalized Learning

Adaptive learning is done by using technology to assign human or digital resources to learners based on their unique needs. Here, the study material and assistance is distributed according to interest.

In Individualized learning, the pace of learning is adjusted to meet the needs of individual students. Students are allowed to move at their speed, giving them enough time to absorb and understand the lessons.

Differentiated learning focuses on the approach to education. Both learning and teaching methods are adjusted to meet the needs of students so that they get the best possible educational experience.

Competency-based learning allows the student to choose their path in education, based on the skills they display to learn a subject and apply it in real life scenarios.

All these branches apply personalized learning to some extent, but none of them is complete. A proper mix of all these methods constitutes personalized learning.

The Crisis of Learning

Today’s world faces a crisis in the field of education, regarding the plight of the students. Many students are riddled with challenges and cannot attain their full potential due to them being unable to keep up with what they learn. These challenges lead to the underdevelopment of human resources that education aims to cultivate.

The primary reason for such a crisis lies in the educational system itself. The idea that a single curriculum can fit a variety of students, which is the driving principle of modern education, is problematic.

Every person has a unique set of talents and potential. Even in the same field, no two students are the same. There are visual learners, readers, hands-on learners and many other categories of students. The current system of Classroom Education is just not enough to cater to a variety of needs. This crisis can be solved by applying Personalized Learning principles.

Personalized Learning in the Modern World

The crisis that threatens the future is the educational crisis, and personalized education is the key to solving this. It focuses on giving the best possible experience to all students by customizing education on all fronts, be it the content, pace or method.

Every student has a unique set of requirements that cannot be satisfied in a collective classroom environment. In early days, personalized education was not possible due to lack of enough workforce. However, times have changed.

Personalized Classroom – The Cyberspace

The Internet opens up to a world of possibilities, and personalized education is one of them. The idea that each student can now have their customized page that acts as a classroom is not science fiction anymore. And this capability of the Internet must be used to the fullest extent to promote personalized education.

Using the Internet to Learn

This generation of students, teenagers and youngsters are the Internet generation. Their activity online surpasses their real-world interactions by a considerable margin.

With the Internet now in the picture, there is the presence of a vast and near infinite platform that anyone can use for a variety of purposes. Therefore, it is also possible to learn using the internet.

Being extremely popular, it is ingrained in the lives of most youngsters. This connectivity can be used to the advantage of every stakeholder involved in education.

Personalizing Education Online

The information available to us on the Internet is not random. Companies use Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Pattern Recognition, and many other features to target people who would be benefited the most by an advertisement and also to regulate the information available.

Therefore, targeted delivery of information online is not only possible but also a widespread practice by many. The same can be done for personalized education.

There are many platforms for online education. Some are solely present online while others are virtual extensions of reputed real-world institutions. These platforms provide information to all clients, sometimes even for free.

These sites make up an extensive catalog of educational resources that can be accessed and studied by the interested parties. These programs are also certified. Therefore, the studying done on this platform is considered valid.

Students are now free to pursue a subject of their choice and interest, with the study material, exercises and tailor-made guidance provided to them via the Internet. This is the ultimate realization of personalized education.

A Real World with Personalized Education

In the twenty-first century, there is a market for all professions. A person pursuing their interest can find work in their desired field. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to do what they enjoy, and be good at it. This brings up the point of varied interests for different students, and ultimately reaches Personalized Education.

Personalized Education can help in making a diverse world full of people learning and doing what they love. Interest and aptitude are two things that truly make a person successful, and these cannot be taught. Therefore, one must follow what one is genuinely interested in to be successful.

The world needs all of its inhabitants to do what they are good at, and be the best at it. For this, education must be customized. Not just the subject, but the content, speed, and the methods, all suit different people differently.

The Verdict

Personalized Education is the need of the hour. The world needs everyone to be the best at what they do, and this is the way to go.

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