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When it comes to competition, the slimmest advantage can make it or break it

You might have an idea that would make the world a better place. This idea could be a product that makes some daily task easy, save space or help us travel. Buckle up! It could do big in our society where people are ready to pay some bucks to save precious time.

The journey of an idea to the real-life application is one hell of a ride. We just can’t go old institution by pitching our products on the street hoping to establish a corporation. It requires planning, structure, fundraising, a good platform and a lot of courage.

Money: Striking the best deal

When it comes to capital, raising money for a startup is the first step that all founders have to take. Borrowing from parents, friends or asking your colleagues to pitch in big bucks when you’re barely starting out can be difficult.

Using the internet to collect data on how the public might receive the product will add the momentum on your sale pitch. Understanding the niche is vital as investors will not waste time on startups with less knowledge about the industry. Vision a sustainable and valuable future for your company.

When building your capital, it’s smart to be organized. Investors look for businesses that have an entirely streamlined finance with a clear flow of resources and revenue. Invest in technology to manage these transactions. A complete ERP may not be required at this point of time, but a subscription-based solution on the cloud to manage the finances of your business is an absolute must.

Digital data is less tedious and saves us a lot of time and space. Digital data is easy to handle and can be employed by anyone with necessary computer skills.

Pitching: Don’t let the investor walk

Pitching the idea to a potential investor should be perfect. For an ideal pitch, your concept should be concise and clear. The business plan and market value of the product that you are proposing is also part of the pitch. Give solid ideas on the structure and nature of the business. Take charge to be ready to scale it quickly.

Use technology for an effective demo of the product. VR will come to your rescue here. Even an investor will acknowledge your long-term vision to invest in technology.

Planning: The key to Sustenance

Many businesses go out of order within a year of opening business because of poor planning. Miscalculation, lousy management, time restraints are few of many blockades on the road to success that the owner has to deal.

It takes time to settle, once you are part of the industry. Everything from supplies to rates needs to be clear and organized.  But in a world where time is money and everyone’s competition, it’s hard to predict anything.

For proper predictions, we need data. A lot of data needs to be processed and organized. Here technology comes in for the rescue.

Technology is all around us and it has become indispensable in our lives. Storing data has become more cheap and efficient. Cloud provides us with the opportunity to access information from anywhere in the world. Organizing data becomes easier every day.

Data is the essence of planning. It helps with resources, the flow of revenue, and structuring the business model of the startup. It becomes more effective and efficient when data is compiled and analyzed by a supercomputer rather than a human.

Market: Could it get any bigger!

Even after getting a company set up and starting production, we still can’t guarantee the product’s success in the market. We would still need a lot of consumer feedback and reviews even to get started on the impact the product will have on the market.

If you are a new company who have a limit on capital or distribution, it is wise to maximize the gain from the resources we have. Selective marketing may be an excellent way to get your products in the market.

The Internet has made our world small. The difference between reality and virtual reality is getting smaller every day. Small businesses that deliver food on doorsteps have skyrocketed in value as people started cooking less. It’s easier to have food delivered than preparing a meal.

The social media platform is a fantastic place to get your product out there. As banking and transactions have become more safe and secure in the past few years. The publicity is cheap and effective.

“What’s the new trend” we all wonder. The market is an ecosystem in its sense, making the brand name trendy and captivating is the focus of advertisement companies that have many strings to pull in the web.

When there’s a specific audience target for a product, the publicity should be audience specific. It saves resources and also it has a deep penetration within the particular audience.

Tech Support: Is it worth it?

Before making any investments, it’s essential to get a clear perception about the scope and future returns.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” – Warren Buffet

So, understand what you are doing and invest in the right technology. This would ensure an amazing ROI.

The Verdict

Starting a company from nothing is nowhere near as it’s on the Social Network. It requires dedication and courage, that doesn’t wither with time. It needs a vision that even survives the purge. Like most things in our life when technology is integrated into the structure of a business, we can track, record and rectify steps that might be harmful to the growth of the company. Like Darwin’s theory – Only the fittest will survive the market.

Are you confused about which technology to invest in? Then, you are in the right place. We at TetraNoodle are here to help you.

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