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Startups, when they launch are intrinsically in strange situations since they have to prove themselves as a workable business while generating revenue and making the profit. Entering a crowded marketplace or even educating the target audience about a new service or product requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. Moreover, the right strategies need to be deployed to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. Technology is at the heart of any modern day business, and investment in the right technologies pays rich dividends.

Some startups may benefit from the incubator or mentorship programs. However, most of the entrepreneurs are not as lucky to have a program or mentor to help them sail through. And for those who don’t have this advantage, consulting is the answer for them.

Why Is There A Need For Technology Consulting Services?

The consultants work in tandem with startups to understand their technical requirements and help them develop a pragmatic strategy for the long-run. The consulting companies can provide accurate advice to management since they know the importance of technology in the startup world. The technology consulting services work with the core business to provide a technical direction, offer tailor-made solutions, and professional feedback to take the startup on the path of success.

TetraNoodle is just about that. Established in 2001, the company provides startups with business-technology consulting, cloud-computing consulting services, fractional CTO services, internet, and e-business consulting, custom application development, system integration, application re-engineering, and training and workshops from global software experts.  We aim to successfully equip small businesses with the tools that they need to optimize their technology and move ahead faster. Our experience, expertise, skills and the ability to provide practical solutions have already helped many startups to achieve their technology needs.

To enhance our services to small businesses and startups we have taken a step further and have collaborated with the fast-growing Blockchain community.

However, before we tell you about our collaboration let’s understand what is Blockchain and how it can help startups and small businesses.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the fastest growing technology that provides endless solutions for secure business transactions. Experts claim that this technology’s potential is limitless so much so that it can disrupt many industries. Blockchain is a kind of digital ledger where transactions are made in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. These transactions are recorded chronologically and are accessible to all the participants. In simple terms, it is a growing list of records known as blocks which are linked by using cryptography and one actually refer to these blocks of records and see the evidence of what’s going on.


Apart from being a cutting-edge technology, it offers many attractive opportunities for businesses of any size. Transparency, trust, and immutability have always been an issue for companies of all sizes. Blockchain helps in overcoming these issues. It eliminates the need for intermediaries, cuts down expenses, saves time and facilitates a variety of processes.

Blockchain for startups and small businesses

The roots of this technology lie in the cryptocurrencies; this means the transactions can be done faster and in a more secure manner. No matter what your business type is but you can choose to execute through this technology. So whether it is vendor payments or payment to subcontractors, accepting payments from clients, paying wages to employees/staff, Blockchain makes the process secure and smooth. The transactional cost is minimal, and the transfers can be made securely and in real-time.

The technology also provides digital contracts or smart contracts. The terms of traditional contracts can be digitalized into an if-then statement. These are uniquely and self-executed coded agreement that ensures to deliver outcomes. These contracts reduce the need for lawyers and thus saving on the cost involved in legal proceedings.

Blockchain also ensures smooth supply chain operation and proof of provenance. With Blockchain it is possible to keep track of products from its origin to its final destination, and a record is kept at each stage, thus, saving on the time and effort on tracking the goods. The Blockchain applications also allow users to store data more safely at a reasonable cost and without compromising data security. The stored data is encrypted, and the access is limited to participants who have the crypto-key.

The applications of Blockchain are varied, and this technology has lots more to offer as it progresses. Keeping this in mind we collaborated with the Blockchain experts to serve our clients better with the application of this ever-growing technology.

About the Blockchain Community Collaboration

We have joined hands with BIG (Blockchain Industry Group) Advisors. They are globally recognized Blockchain experts, influencers, leaders. They provide advice to the management on organizational, strategic, and Blockchain industry-related issues.

We are part of their Blockchain related external group (Friends) that is supported by the Blockchain industry group which aims to or is already satisfying a Blockchain related mission.

If you want to ride the wave of this new technology, then we at TetraNoodle are there to help you to reach your goals faster and efficiently

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