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Machine Learning, often coupled with AI and Deep Learning is a revolutionary field of technology. These technologies give machines the ability to go beyond performing mundane, repetitive tasks and gain the capacity to learn functions, analyze data and execute tasks.

Machine Learning is now being applied in numerous fields varying from ordinary tasks to matters concerning national security. The use of Machine Learning in these fields has made work more comfortable, increased productivity and made the impossible possible.

Machine Learning applications in EdTech

Machine Learning has a lot of applications in the Modern realm. Concepts like Big Data, Predictive Analysis, and Data Extraction have been making waves in many sectors, and are all forms of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning shows a lot of promise in the field of Education, helping to modernize it to suit the age of technology. It helps to bring better quality education to all regardless of time and place.

It’s important to note how it achieves this feat, and what else it does to change education for the better. Many concepts are derived from Machine Learning that is applied or can be applied to benefit EdTech.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence linked in a symbiotic relationship with each other. If one is applied in a sector, then the other follows suit. The same can be said for Education Technology.

Machine Learning coupled with Artificial Intelligence offers countless applications in EdTech. AI acts as a power-up to necessary Machine Learning procedures like Predictive Analysis and Big Data Analysis, boosting its abilities.

Predictive Analysis in Academics

Analysis - Chart

In layman’s terms, Predictive Analysis is the method of using Big Data from the past and the present scenario to try and predict a possible future.

Predictive Analysis is common in Search Engines and Websites which use the search history and the profile of the user to suggest possibly relevant content. Many Social Media sites and Online Shopping Platforms use this to create a better browsing experience.

The same can be applied for online education platforms and even universities which have an active online academic community or website.

The search history and subscriptions of students make up a massive chunk of data which remain underutilized in many such sites. This can be analyzed to chart the study patterns of the students to provide them with relevant study materials.

This can benefit the student in many ways, mainly if it is powered up using AI. It almost acts like a tutor, providing lessons to the student that logically follows and builds on his previous learning experiences.

Natural Language in EdTech

Another result of Machine Learning in EdTech is the use of natural language by systems. EdTech aims to modernize education, and a part of this involves the use of machines or computers in the process of educating.

Many systems use natural language to imitate the response of a human being. They craft their replies after meticulously studying chunks of data involving content created by human beings. They look for patterns, slangs, similarly in sentence construction commonly found in everyday language. Natural Language is what makes their responses seem human.

Natural language can be exploited in EdTech to create a digital or an artificial teacher who communicates just like human tutors. They can be employed as private tutors for individuals or even in the place of conventional teachers.

Big Data Analysis

Big-Data Analytics

Just like Predictive Analysis, Big Data also shows promise in EdTech. In the modern era, technology helps to take the learning experience above and beyond merely schools or colleges. The facilities and the chance to learn are no longer just restricted to a small dedicated area for academics. You can learn from home, office or even on the go.

This culture of learning online has resulted in a significant chunk of data accumulating on the web. Analysis of this data could paint the picture of the study habits, patterns, and progress of an individual or a collective.

Big Data Analysis could prove to be a stepping stone to making education more customized and student-centric. The idea of a Student-Centric system of schooling involves creating a tailored syllabus that suits the needs of the individual. This is a modernized system and is more beneficial than the current approach of one size fits all.

Machine Learning and Personalized Education

The prevalent system of education in today’s world dates back to the time of industrial revolution. This system was supposedly put in place to train individuals to be employed in industries. Back in the day, most of the labor force was part of the assembly line system where they did the same task over and over again.

The basis of this system is a unified syllabus studied by all students and does not take into account the individual differences. This precedence is what needs to change, as the modern era requires a system that caters to each student as an individual, and needs personalized education.

Ipad - 01

Machine Learning is capable of turning this vision into a reality by helping to bring education right down to the grassroots, which are the individuals themselves. It supports the online learning sector, by making these electronic assistants smarter, bridging the gap between these systems and actual human tutors.

The main benefit that Machine Learning offers in most industries is Automation, and also the scope to reduce human involvement by intelligent programming. These same aspects are used in this scenario as well to enable computers to act as replacements for tutors.

The Verdict

In today’s world, Education Technology aims to give students a better, more customized experience out of their learning. The people have realized that each student has their own needs and aspirations which must be catered to by providing the knowledge and the education that suits them. Machine Learning is sure to revolutionize this sector with its path-breaking applications.

Machine Learning in EdTech will enable intelligent systems to guide each student. These systems can be made the same and be allowed to grow themselves differently to suit the needs of the user. This is the vision that modern EdTech wants to realize. Machine Learning is making that much more achievable than ever before.

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