Integrating Deep Learning in Education Technology


Deep Learning



Machine Learning



Deep Learning is regarded as a subset of Machine Learning and is concerned with learning Data representations. This is different from traditional task-specific algorithms, as a system ingrained in Deep Learning can adapt itself and evolve to perform many processes

A system capable of Deep Learning and programmed to operate can also adapt to changing conditions and tackle any subsequent problem that may arise during its working. The system is adaptable and evolving.

Education Technology

Education Technology now focuses on making quality schooling available to all. There are many places which are landlocked or too far away from institutions of quality education. The people in these places suffer the drawbacks of this lack of access.

EdTech aims to rectify this situation by bringing quality education from within the confines of schools and colleges. Online Learning has the potential to realize this vision.

Online Education

Online Education uses the Internet as a platform similar to a school or a college. Instead of the students going to class, the class comes to them.

Many reputed institutions like MIT and Stanford have online platforms where they share the same materials and lectures that their students obtain, and even the chance to earn an online degree.

The idea behind Online Learning is to ensure that Distance or Expense does not come in between quality education and those in need of it. Most of these platforms offer study materials for free and enroll students in courses after accepting a smaller fee than what most Day scholars are charged.

The Pros of Learning Online

Online Education comes with a great benefit that conventional systems don’t offer, which is personalized education. The student can choose what to learn for them and even dictate the pace of schooling.

Personalized Education

The benefit of Online Education coincides with the primary concern of Modern Day Education, which is personalized schooling. And Deep Learning enhances the personalization aspect of Online Learning.


A student who studies online is free to choose his or her subjects and set the pace for the studies. They can follow their interests and learn in their own time.

Deep Learning in Personalized Education

Every student needs a teacher; a tutor who guides them in the right direction and helps them get there. In the conventional schooling system, a classroom has a teacher to teach a designated subject. Be it Math, Science, History or any other.

The main issue with Online Learning is the lack of such a guide. Despite being provided with all the necessary study material, the lack of a tutor is a massive hindrance to the progress of a student. This is where Deep Learning assists EdTech.

Deep Learning Applications

Deep Learning allows a computer or a program to achieve Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, and even evolutionary capabilities. These make a system smarter and much more equipped to deal with a wide range of problems and cater to a large number of demands from different users.

The same program can behave differently and achieve different yet remarkable results when used by different people. Depending on the needs of the user, the system gives the best courses and recommendations on what to follow, acting as a virtual guide.

This is achieved by analyzing the Big Data and History of the user, and also Natural Language Functions.

Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Networks are also a part of Deep Learning and aim at mimicking the human brain to process and learn from data. These networks can take in, process and learn from a significant amount of Data, and do not need any explicit coding to do so. They are self-improving and highly adaptable.

The capabilities of an Artificial Neural Network are colossal in any field that uses Big Data, and EdTech is no different.

AI - Neural Network

Course Content Optimization

For every subject, the curriculum needs to be refreshed and regularly updated, using new information and latest discoveries. This level of optimization happens very rarely in the conventional system, resulting in many students learning from old manuals.

However, online learning powered by smart systems can update the course regularly and automatically. They are designed with the capacity to comb through reliable sources to obtain information regarding the subject in question and update the database.

This ensures that at any point in time, the course is entirely up to date with the times.


Course Customization

This is the driving force of personalized education. Every student needs their own set of customized learning material and subjects to realize their potential fully. This amount of attention is not possible in a conventional classroom where they sacrifice the need of the individual for the collective good.

However, digital learning helps to bring Education down to the grassroots, enabling individual focus and care like never before. Each student can have their platform, complete with their digital tutor and learning material.

Newer Courses and Interactive Learning

Deep Learning capabilities also make Online Schooling interactive and in flux. There can be new updates on courses, or even new subjects altogether for a student to pursue.

The system linked to sources can take in and analyze data to give suggestions regarding the courses to follow, or new classes too.

Since the interface is personalized to a single user or a small batch of users, they turn out to be very interactive and attentive to that person. The benefits include ease of access, round the clock doubt clearing possibilities and no restrictions of time or location whatsoever. This process effectively decentralizes Education.

The Verdict

Deep Learning in EdTech focuses on creating smart, digital tutors to make learning a personalized and pleasurable experience. It also enhances the learning experience by providing systems with the ability to continually update and refresh their database, helping in course planning, teaching, evaluation and saves a lot of labor.

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