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Education and Technology seem to be connected to each other by an endlessly looped system. They feed each other in such a way that both of them grow together. The more we learn, the better the technology gets, and the better the technology gets, the more there is to learn.

This has given rise to the trend of using Technology to aid education. This has revolutionized teaching methods and has made learning, as well as teaching much more relaxed.

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Education and Technology: The Loop

Education Technology or EdTech refers to the practice of Technology aided Education. The use of the latest technology in the field of education is considered a crucial marker to making the process of learning in sync with the current times. How you learn is equally as important as what you learn. The integration of technology should take place not just in the curriculum or at the academic level, but in the process of education as well. This will help the sector adapt to the new challenges that it faces in the modern era.

EdTech: The need of the hour

The use of EdTech demands attention in the current scenario. The traditional ways of classroom learning and centralized syllabus are severely outdated. They were adopted during the times of the Industrial Revolution when the need of the hour was a large workforce capable of working long hours of mundane tasks.

Modern day education puts a lot of STEM fields, which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Education, and Management. All sectors are driven by one or a combination of these four, especially Technology. Almost all industries today are heavily reliant on Technology for their operations. In such a scenario, the need for integrating technology in the field of Education is the need of the hour.

Why EdTech?

When Education is assisted by technology, the benefit is mainly twofold.

Firstly, the students are in close contact with the technology that they learn about and gain practical experience in the subject. This is the driving force behind including practical laboratories in the school curriculum.

Secondly, just like every other sector that integrates technology into it, the Education sector is greatly benefited. The students and teachers are both directly affected EdTech, and it makes the learning experience infinitely more educational and entertaining than it has ever been.

EdTech Today at a Glance

EdTech today is only at the initial stages of its maturity, but the impact that it has had on the Education systems around the world is anything but small. Here are a few innovations that have revolutionized Education.

Smart Classrooms

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The traditional classrooms with a blackboard, a teacher and chalk dust flying all over the place seem to be a thing of the past now. Smart Classrooms are one of the most popular ideas that gained traction across many countries and schools.

Most smart classrooms have a computer, a projector and a projector screen, and accessories. They are powered by interactive software which is programmed with the syllabus. The software makes it easier for the teachers to teach the subjects, with slide shows, interactive videos, diagrams and many other features.

Smart classrooms have significantly reduced the hassle for teachers to prepare for their lessons and are almost universally employed as an all-purpose teaching aid today.

Online Courses


This idea was also widely accepted by many, as this changed the landscape of learning entirely. By connecting the teacher to the students through the internet, it became possible to eliminate the distance factor from the equation.

Using this initiative, many reputed Colleges and Universities like Oxford, Stanford, and MIT now provide lessons to students on the other side of the globe. Education, notably higher education is no longer restricted to campuses.

EdTech: A Vibrant Future

Despite advancements like smart classrooms and open courseware, EdTech still has plenty of room to improve. There are innovations which offer a lot of scope in the field of teaching.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

The main disadvantage suffered by Educational institutions, especially Professional Colleges is that there is a lack of on-field study, which impediments practical knowledge and skill development. AR and VR are two innovations which offer the scope to tackle this issue.

They both offer the ability to add and interact with virtual elements in reality. This can be used to bring outdoor environments into the classroom to create holograms and simulation to learn from.

Virtual Training

Even though Virtual Training exists in its initial stages, the scope for advancement in this field is infinite. Using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI, machines can be made capable to make questions, mark answers and even structure lessons as per the need of each student.

The most significant advantage offered by Virtual Training is that it gives individual attention that each student needs by custom-making their lessons according to their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Instead of a one size fits all policy, each student now gets a tailor-made curriculum especially to suit their aptitude.

A Broader Look

Laptop Learn

The other hot topics of EdTech are Peer to Peer learning, Project based learning, affective learning, data analytics and so on. These are fields in which cutting-edge research and brand new applications popping up every single day.

These innovations, when applied to the field of Education, drastically changes the way in which the system functions. It helps to decentralize education and custom fit them to the needs of each student.

The Verdict

With each student needing their curriculum for studies, this realm of education offers precisely what the system needs; a revamp from head to toe. And with those times imminent, it is evident that people skilled in this field are required more than ever. The opportunity awaits you all.

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