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Over the last decade, technology has played a vital role in improving societies around the world. By providing an economic stimulus of jobs and a boost in the caliber of education offered at the university level, technology remains a driving force in the lives of people all over the world. Today, more than two billion people have access to the internet; and approximately five billion people have mobile phones.

Children and young people are being educated in a world where social media and mobile technology determine the wave of the future. Technology affects how people communicate, learn, and develop. Recently, the speed, flexibility, and affordability of rapidly evolving technology have created a divide between those who can afford it and those who can not afford it. Hence, the education aligned with innovative technology becomes pricey as well.

As we grow to enhance our skillset and capabilities to perform at the level of a global technology provider, TetraNoodle Technologies offers an exchange in the form of free IT courses to university students from developing nations around the world. We believe in investing in areas in growing societies that offer the most promise. We are also dedicated to recruiting global talent.

We are proud to be one of a limited number of companies providing free IT courses to students in third world countries. Most businesses focus domestically. We believe in global innovation; and for that reason, our investment crosses borders. Students around the world are hungry for technology education. However, affordability remains an issue. This year we are committed to developing a diverse catalog that provides access to critical technology areas while ensuring that students are competitive in the job markets which they are targeting. Just as we believe in our capabilities, we believe in our exchange.

The Global Demand for Technology Education is Increasing

The global demand for technology education, dictated by global education expenditures, is steadily increasing. At the same time, products are becoming more expensive. The global technology education market value exceeded $5 trillion last year, performing at 8x the size of the software market and 3x the size of the media and entertainment industry.

Technology education has been described as a global phenomenon. In fact, the market is expected to achieve annual growth of 17% per year, with an aggregate growth of $252 billion by 2020. Currently, the U.S. leads in consumption and setting tech education trends. However, Asia is now experiencing the world’s fastest growth in investment into this sector. In the last few years, Europe has seen increases in major mergers and acquisitions that make solidifies a strong 3rd place growth position. The mobile penetration of smartphones has been a game-changer in the last decade, particularly as it relates to empowering younger technology users. With 90% of the world’s population under 30 already being in emerging markets, the demand for effective technology education will continue to rise.


Technology Education is Increasing

Global Technology Users are Getting Younger.

When it comes to education, there is substantial evidence that technology is inspiring young people. In a recent study, Unicef found that 40% of Vietnamese children surveyed in rural areas used the internet for educational purposes, with 34% sending school-related text messages. In urban areas this spiked to 62% and 57% respectively.

In addition, U.S. High profile tech companies are launching global learning initiatives. To increase access to technology by children and young people in the world’s poorest countries. These companies are donating millions of computers and educational materials. Dell pioneered this movement recently by launching a computer hardware and literacy program called Youth Learning. The program initially launched in India and is now operating in a total of 15 developing nations across the world.

Mobile Phones are Engaging Younger Technology Users.

It is no secret that mobile and smartphones have proved to be the single most important factor in increasing literacy on the planet. Young people are motivated to text and post messages on social media. This has resulted in a tremendous spike in technological comprehension. Recently, Duncan Clark, a British tech investor and founder of e-learning company Epic Group, stated that mobile technology has produced a “renaissance of reading and writing among young people across the world.” In fact, mobile phone technology in third world countries accounts for four out of every five connections worldwide. In a recent report by the GSMA into m-learning, more than half of all young people surveyed in Ghana, India, Uganda and Morocco who had accessed the internet, had done so on a mobile device. Today more than ever, mobile phones are encouraging children and young people to engage in economic, social, and political movement. Technology exposes children and young people to education in a more progressive, cost-effective way. As growth in the technology education sector continues, the challenge for global technology providers and firms is to keep learning affordable.


Mobile Phones

TetraNoodle Technologies Offers Education for In-Demand Skills

TetraNoodle Technologies is committed to providing free technology education courses to university students in developing countries around the world. Our fundamental belief is that technology makes generations stronger. We have decades of experience in the IT industry, and we transfer these capabilities to educational our materials.

Our goal is to equip students with real-world skills (with tips and tricks) – not just theory. This level of preparation will ensure that they are employable in the IT field. We want to encourage people from developing countries to learn these skills and make themselves job ready. Preparation is the only way to predict where the performance curve will head when it comes to technology.

Recently we announced that our company will do something that very few enterprises around the world have done – offer technology courses for free. While we believe in the promise of children and young people, our target is university students. We believe that college students represent the new wave of innovation and technology. The ability to automate processes in third world countries and integrate technology into everyday living will stabilize and catapult economic development. TetraNoodle Technologies is one of the few technology companies around the world investing in free education courses.

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