Top reasons why meditation is a must for high-tech professionals.

meditation is a must for high-tech professionals

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“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” – Buddha

It is believed that mind and body are intricately connected and your mind has a direct impact on the physical health of your body. For thousands of years people have been practicing meditation and there is plethora of research out there which has revealed that meditative practices enhance attention, helps in lowering the blood-pressure, and the stress levels thus reducing the risk of heart-diseases.

However, there are various scientifically proven reasons why one must meditate –

  • Meditation helps in boosting the immunity.
  • Meditation reduces physical and mental pain.
  • Meditation decreases inflammation at the cellular level.
  • Meditation builds positive emotions.
  • Meditation reduces depression and anxiety.
  • Meditation improves your ability to regulate your emotions and introspect.

Some studies have shown that a persistent negative state of mind can lead to stress and this is harmful for health. In today’s fast-paced and competitive life high-tech professionals are burdened with work-pressure which when coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits leads to increased number of health issues. These stress levels are likely to interfere with sleep thus making them more prone to making mistakes at work and in personal lives as the brain and body are not well rested.

Workplace stress typically follows the employees to their home affecting their family life which as a resultant comes back to the office space thus making it as a never-ending loop. And this unchecked stress leads to a high number of burnt-out employees at the workplace and may cost the company dearly. Therefore, to keep a check more and more companies are enrolling their employees in various meditative programs to relieve them of stress and boost their work productivity.

boosting the immunity

There are number of meditative practices but broadly speaking there are three major categories –

Attention – This method refers to exploring our capacity to narrow or open our attention to one activity, for example- becoming aware of any sensation in the body.

Intention- Under this practice we consciously cultivate a particular emotional or mental state during exercise, such as gratitude, inner peace or compassion.

Visualization – In this type of meditative practice we concentrate on visualizing situations that will have an effect on our mental state.

Choosing a type of meditation practice is a matter of personal choice and finding something that suits your lifestyle might take time, so the key is to experiment.

It has been observed that nowadays more and more professionals are relying on meditation to become clear on how to manage complex situations. Professionals usually have to do intensive and multi-faceted thinking to take strategic business decisions, and meditation helps them to open their mind to new possibilities and also improves the ability to see the “big-picture.”

It goes without saying that high-tech professionals have a mentally demanding career. So they need to make sure that their mind is as relaxed as it can be – to ensure success. Therefore, learning meditative techniques that can help them stay focused and calm as they work can not only make their jobs a lot easier but can also make their output more creative.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons as to why high-tech professionals should go ahead with meditative practices-

Meditative practices help professionals to become more self-aware, i.e. they can identify when they are getting distracted so that they can redirect their thoughts and actions towards working more productively. Compassion based meditation helps in regulating emotions and supports clarity of mind. This is due to the reason that with meditation, a person becomes more aware of one’s own emotional state which enables him or her to take corrective action quickly.

Meditation energizes without triggering the adrenaline rush thus making you more productive. This is due to the fact that meditation de-excites the nervous system. It naturally triggers the relaxation response of our central nervous system thus reducing the stress levels. Experts reveal that even 20 min of meditation can provide your body two to five times more rest than the regular sleep and makes you more refreshed and awake.

Practicing meditation regularly also helps you to improve your memory or power to concentrate and focus. It also improves the ability to multitask since the mind is relaxed and refreshed. Meditative practice gives you a relaxed state of mind thus improving the sleep quality and when a person is well-rested he will definitely be more efficient at work.


Regular meditation

Regular meditation slows down the process of brain deterioration and counteracts the age-related loss of brain volume. It boosts your social life as it increases the social connection and emotional intelligence. In order to succeed in any field, professionals need to be creative thinkers and meditation just helps in that it makes your mind in such a relaxed state that your ability to think out of the box is improved considerably.

Last but not the least meditative practices make you wiser. It gives you a perspective; by observing your mind you understand that you don’t need to be a slave to it.

Now that we know what are the benefits of meditating we also need to know the ways to begin-

DIY – There are various meditative techniques available about which you can read and start practicing. Although, this method is suitable to start, off; however, most of the people feel at some point in time that they benefit more when they have a teacher.

Guided Audio – Under this method you use the recorded voice of teacher to guide you through the meditative session.

Group classes – You can attend classes or courses with other people and experienced teachers either in person or online. Many people find this method easier since you can go into a deeper meditative state when surrounded by people attempting to do the same.

benefits of meditating

To sum it up meditation is a simple basic mental hygiene which helps you to clear out the junk from your mind and helps you to get in touch with your inner self. It just needs a bit of practice and a right attitude to experience that relaxed state of mind.

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