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The software industry inherently goes through numerous changes. The newest trend in the market is the use of short-term Chief Technology Officer to meet the dynamic demands of a company. This may seem odd while considering the contemporary requirements of organizations, however, in the modern business era, it is all about cutting costs.

A consulting CTO that works temporarily for your company will not only provide you with all the necessary technical guidance (both strategic and tactical) but will also be available on short moment’s notice.

The trend of a freelancer CTO is not that common as of now, but if you find one, then they have to be highly valued due to their dynamic market experience. These people offer the best services without the burden of a long-term contract. The people who offer their services as a consulting CTO are generally serial entrepreneurs and have been the CTO for a few startups.

Why are CTOs Required?

A non-technical founder or a savvy businessperson may not always be aware of the latest technological innovations that may make their businesses more efficient. Therefore, in order to make the most out of business, a CEO can always hire a CTO who is an experienced technology leader, executioner and is up to date with the latest technological innovations.

The responsibilities of a CTO are to deal with projects with a technological perspective and making sure that the project can be completed with the tool available to the company. The CTO also guides the leadership on how to the improve the existing infrastructure of the organization to meet the latest demands. CTO deals with all IT, software, and engineering team-related matters. A CTO is of absolute necessity for the modern tech startup; otherwise, the startup is in danger of going astray when it comes to technical solutions.


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Consulting CTO Services

A consultant is usually a person that is hired on a short-term basis to help out a company with a specific project. The concept of a consulting CTO is very similar and startups and small-scale businesses that require technical expertise and guidance can hire CTOs on a consulting basis to help them out on their projects.

The following are some other situations where the use of a consulting CTO may be beneficial for technology executives or investors:

  • When time is short, and a permanent technology advisor is unavailable, then a consulting CTO is the best choice to guide the project to success.
  • Tech executives can hire consulting CTOs to help them out in a project if it needs to be completed
  • Investors can also use the services of a consulting CTO to learn more about the technology that is being used in their interested company.

The Right Time to Use Consulting CTO Services

In startups and small-scale businesses where funding is scarce, and projects need to be completed within strict deadlines, a consulting CTO may be the difference between failure and success. Startups usually need to save their funds before launching their companies and a consulting CTO will help by avoiding a permanent technology partner that would be more expensive.

  • Avoid wasting time and hire a consulting CTO immediately before finding the right permanent partner.
  • A consulting CTO will raise awareness regarding all the technology constraints and issues that need to be dealt with when the company brings in a permanent CTO.

Startups can preserve their capital by hiring a contract CTO.


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CTO services

Why a Consulting CTO?

Why hire a consulting CTO instead of a permanent one? The following are some of the reasons that answer this question.

  • A consulting CTO can be used to complete the business plan and will help in estimating the costs of developing and deploying technological tools necessary for the thriving of the company.
  • For startups, the CTO can provide the guidance needed to complete a preliminary mock-up that can be presented to potential investors and buyers.
  • A consulting CTO is an expert on the latest technologies available in the market and to a non-technical founder or businessperson, they can help in choosing the right hardware and software that will help the company in its path to success.
  • A consulting CTO may help the startup in finding the perfect permanent CTO for the new company. The temporary one may guide them and explain their requirements so that the right match for the company can be selected.
  • A consulting CTO is mostly an industry person who is aware of the best practices when it comes to software development. He would guide and set a standard for your development projects that can be followed in the future.

Finding a Consulting CTO

The concept is still unheard of, but outsourced CTO services are gaining momentum, and if you need to find a freelance CTO then one can easily be found on the internet by searching for CTO consulting services. For startups and small-scale business that cannot afford the overhead that is usually associated with a permanent CTO, consulting CTO services may be the right option, if not the best. In this technological world, no company can thrive without the right kind of online presence. Therefore, a CTO is mostly a necessity if not a requirement for companies.

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