Infographic: How Continuous Integration Works And The Big Benefit Talks About



The world moves fast. The digital world? Some days it feels as if it moves even faster—at the speed of light. That’s because every day there are new apps, new devices, new software releases. And who is under pressure for that? Programmers.

Programmers must respond to a multitude of areas and efforts. They need to fix software, accommodate new user requests, and work on new applications too. In the past, programming changes were slower and often on the shoulders of a smaller team—or even one person. But as programming demands have changed, so too have the tools that help programmers. One of the most important? Continuous Integration, also known as CI.

CI takes the breaks in the process—the time needed to integrate solutions, to test them, for example—and automates them. Now, fixes and improvements in code are seamlessly added, and any trip-ups in the process are pointed out by CI too.

Want to learn more? Check out this graphic. Click here to find out more.

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